Servicio de Informacion sobre Discapacidad

Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Information about disability

The information contained in the databases of the Service of Information about Disability is classified according to four criteria: type of information, topic it deals with, group it concerns and geographical area. It is possible to seek and access the information for each of these criteria and it is even possible to use them simultaneously. The four classification criteria are detailed in the following, together with certain examples to clarify the type of search that can be carried out using each criterion.

Information by section

It allows access to the Service’s databases by information sections. Examples:
  • "I would like to take a look at the latest news on people with disabilities"
  • "I would like to read about technical assistance for the therapy and training of people with disabilities"

Information by topic

It allows access to the information according to the topic it deals with. Examples:
  • "I want to learn which are the latest publications on supported jobs"
  • "I would like to read the latest news on architectural and urban development accessibility"

Information by group

It allows access to the information based on the type of disability. Examples:
  • "I would like to learn about the latest research in our country on children with pervasive developmental disorders"
  • "I want to find Internet resources on people with sensory disabilities"

Information by area

It allows access to the information based on its geographical origin or place it affects or refers to. Examples:
  • "I want to download the accessibility law for my Autonomous Region"
  • "I want to learn about the main NGOs for people with sensory disabilities within a certain Autonomous Region"

Free text searches

It allows one to search for information by means of search terms. The search terms could be words or short phrases (e.g. "supported job", "brain damage") or complex search terms using Boolean operators (for more details refer to our help section). Examples:
  • "I want to find all sorts of documentary sources that contain the term brain damage"
  • "I want to find all the SID’s information with the term new technologies"