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Good autism practice journal

Año 2018. Número 19 (1)

Understanding the 'mask' in autism: girls' perspectives and the impact of wearing it
Sandland, Barbara
Using Cinema Therapy to highlight and build character strengths and values in young people within a neurodevelopmental service: a pilot study
Carroll, Ben; Sher, Marilyn
Friendship and sociality in autism services
Long, Joseph; Brown, Jacqueline; Daly, Scott; Gibson, Katie; McNeillis, Chloe
Using the game of kickball with preschool children to promote social interaction
Lauterbach, Mark D; Manti, Emily
Transition of students with Asperger syndrome from a specialised education programme to less specialised educational settings: parents' perspectives on outcomes
Müller, Eve; Werner, Monica Adler; Cannon, Lynn R
The 'achieving more in college' project: support for autistic students attending Further Education colleges
Chown, Nick; Baker-Rogers, Joanna; Hughes, Liz; Cossburn, Kleio Nicola; Beardon, Luke; Leatherland, Julia
Supporting the transition of autistic students into university life: reflections on a specialist peer mentoring scheme
English, Lesley
Reading accuracy and reading comprehension in autism: forms of assessment and implications for practice
Lauterbach, Mark D; Miles, Katharine Pace
Free Content Maria and me: a father, a daughter (and autism)
Kossyvaki, Lila
Free Content Teaching pre-employment skills to 14 to 17 year olds: the autism works now method!
Jones, Glenys
Free Content An employer's guide to managing professionals on the autism spectrum
Jones, Glenys
Free Content Justice for Laughing Boy: Connor Sparrowhawk – a death by indifference
Martin, Nicola
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