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Good autism practice journal

Año 2017. Número 18 (1)

Celebrating the Shirley Foundation's contribution: 20 years of funding and research in autism (1996–2016)
Shirley, Dame Steve
Transforming educational provision for children and young people with autism using the Autism Education Trust Materials and Training Programme
Simpson, Pam
It's only words: a critical 'insider' perspective on the power of diagnosis in the construction of autistic social identity
Loomes, Gillian
The development and evaluation of a mentor training programme for those working with autistic adults
Milton, Damian; Sims, Tara; Dawkins, Gemma; Martin, Nicola; Mills, Richard
Measuring the impact of Intensive Interaction on joint attention and intentional communication using the FOCAL wheels
Mourière, Amandine; Scott-Roberts, Sally
A study to evaluate the use of Instructional Coaching to develop staff skills in Structured Teaching within a special school
Bortoli, Anna; Brown, Margaret; Preston, Gail
Mindfulness and emotional regulation techniques for children and young people on the autism spectrum: a case study
Cox, Julie
The Coventry Grid Interview (CGI): exploring autism and attachment difficulties
Flackhill, Charlotte; James, Sarah; Soppitt, Richard; Milton, Karen
The impact of two social groups for girls on the autism spectrum on their sense of belonging
Hyde, Rebekah
Parents' perspectives of a specialist CAMHS team for children with disabilities and their families
Jameel, Leila; Denny, Samantha; Arnold, Tamsin; Sharman, Carolina
Reflections on a university based social group for students with Asperger syndrome
Hastwell, Joanna; Martin, Nicola; Baron-Cohen, Simon; Harding, John
Free Content M in the Middle – Secret crushes, mega-colossal anxiety and the People's Republic of Autism
Phillips, Amanda
Free Content Successful Social Stories for young children: growing up with Social Stories
Harris, Rebecca
Free Content 100 Ideas for secondary teachers – supporting students with autism
Kirby, Naomi
Free Content Older adults and autism spectrum conditions: an introduction and guide
Hurley, Elisabeth
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