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Disability and society

Año 2018. Número 33 (6)

Exploring the impact of health inequalities on the health of adults with intellectual disability from their perspective
Martin Bollard, Eileen Mcleod & Alan Dolan
Marketing ‘madness’: conceptualising service user/survivor biographies in a period of deinstitutionalisation (1975–2014)
Stephen J. Macdonald, Anne Charnock & Jane Scutt
The role of neighborhood physical environment on mobility and social participation among people using mobility assistive technology
Catherine Bigonnesse, Atiya Mahmood, Habib Chaudhury, W. Ben Mortenson, William C. Miller & Kathleen A. Martin Ginis
Invisible man: examining the intersectionality of disability, race, and gender in an urban community
Joy Banks
Maintaining professional integrity: experiences of case workers performing the assessments that determine children’s access to personal assistance
Lill Hultman, Ulla Forinder, Kerstin Fugl-Meyer & Pernilla Pergert
Friend or foe: the media’s power to inform and shape societal attitudes towards people with acquired brain injury
Bernadette J. Saunders, Gaye Lansdell, Anna Eriksson & Rebecca Bunn
Social constructions of fatness: legal proceedings in Canada as a case in point
Barbara Hanson
Current Issue
Redefining Critical Autism Studies: a more inclusive interpretation
Richard Woods, Damian Milton, Larry Arnold & Steve Graby
With the silence of a thousand cries: extremes of autistic advocacy
Matthew J. Bolton
Ableism in academia: where are the disabled and ill academics?
Nicole Brown & Jennifer Leigh
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