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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and society

Año 2016. Número 31 (8)

Time for justice: safeguarding the rights of disabled children
Jill Porter
Physical environments and community reintegration post stroke: qualitative insights from stroke clubs
Katherine Brookfield & Gillian Mead
Physically disabled women and sexual identity: a PhotoVoice study
Deborah Ann Payne, Huhana Hickey, Anna Nelson, Katherine Rees, Henrietta Bollinger & Stephanie Hartley
Recovery: experiences of resistance to disablism?
Ann-Charlott Timander & Anders Möller
A rights-based conceptual framework for the social inclusion of children and young persons with an intellectual disability
Michael Browne & Michelle Millar
Parents, services and system: an exploration of power dynamics in future planning among parent carers for people with disability
Andrea Petriwskyj, Jill Franz & Barbara Adkins
Shildrick’s monster: exploring a new approach to difference/disability through collective biography
Elisabeth De Schauwer, Inge Van de Putte, Lien Claes, Meggie Verstichele & Bronwyn Davies
Online ghettoes, perils or supernannies? Australian young people with chronic illness and disability challenge some moral panics about young people online
Fran Gale & Natalie Bolzan
Current issues
The end of an era? The resignation of Iain Duncan Smith, Conservatism and social security benefits for disabled people
Chris Grover
The false narrative about personal budgets in England: smoke and mirrors?
Colin Slasberg & Peter Beresford
‘The language is disgusting and they refer to my disability’: the cyberharassment of disabled people
Zhraa A. Alhaboby, Haider M. al-Khateeb, James Barnes & Emma Short
Is a prosthetic arm customized PRADA? A critical perspective on the social aspects of prosthetic arms
Edrick Kwek & Moon Choi
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