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Disability and society

Año 2014. Número 29 (10)

Original articles
‘The dying of the light’: the impact of the spending cuts, and cuts to employment law protections, on disability adjustments in British local authorities
Rupert Harwood
An exploratory analysis of community-based disability workers’ potential to alleviate poverty and promote social inclusion of people with disabilities in three Southern African countries
Ermien van Pletzen, Margie Booyens & Theresa Lorenzo
Reducing disablement with adequate and appropriate resources: a New Zealand perspective
Laura Wilkinson-Meyers, Paul Brown, Jeanne Reeve, Rob McNeill, Philip Patston, Sacha Dylan, Ronelle Baker, Bernadette Ryan & Julianne McEldowney
Inheritance, poverty, and disability
Nora Ellen Groce, Jillian London & Michael Ashley Stein
Original Articles
De-individualising autobiography: a reconsideration of the role of autobiographical life writing within disability studies
Timothy Barrett
‘Miss mum’: mind and affective experience of Korean learners identified with autism spectrum and cognitive difficulties
Yoon-Suk Hwang
How do adults with intellectual disabilities use Facebook?
Carmit-Noa Shpigelman & Carol J. Gill
Disabled children’s childhood studies: a distinct approach?
Tillie Curran & Katherine Runswick-Cole
Getting on the right track? Educational choice-making of students with special educational needs in pre-vocational education and training
Anna-Maija Niemi & Tuuli Kurki
Public health policy and social support for immigrant mothers raising disabled children in Canada
Sheila Jennings, Nazilla Khanlou & Chang Su
The paradigm shift in realising the right to read: how ebook libraries are enabling in the university sector
Paul Harpur & Nicolas Suzor
Current Issues
More on the ontological status of autism and double empathy
Nicholas Chown
Government guidance for the Care Act: undermining ambitions for change?
Colin Slasberg & Peter Beresford
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