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Disability and society

Año 2014. Número 29 (8)

The value of employment for people living with spinal cord injury in Norway
Annelie Schedin Leiulfsrud, Jan D. Reinhardt, Anne Ostermann, Kaisa Ruoranen & Marcel W.M. Post
‘Wasting precious time’: young men with Duchenne muscular dystrophy negotiate the transition to adulthood
David Abbott & John Carpenter
‘Why this story over a hundred others of the day?’ Five journalists’ backstories about writing disability in Toronto
Chelsea Temple Jones
The enforcement of normalcy in schools and the disablement of families: unpacking master narratives on parental denial
Priya Lalvani
Naming, blaming and claiming ablism: the lived experiences of lawyers and advocates with disabilities
Paul Harpur
Under-detection of autism among First Nations children in British Columbia, Canada
Anne Lindblom
New policies, old ideas: the question of disability assessment systems and social policy
Simoni Symeonidou
Social entrepreneurship as an employment pathway for people with disabilities: exploring political–economic and socio-cultural factors
Sarah Parker Harris, Maija Renko & Kate Caldwell
Citizenship in action: the lived experiences of citizens with dementia who campaign for social change
Ruth Bartlett
Unanticipated ethical issues in a participatory research project with individuals with intellectual disability
Michelle F. Morgan, Monica Cuskelly & Karen B. Moni
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