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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and society

Año 2009. Número 24 (4)

Wounded/monstrous/abject: a critique of the disabled body in the sociological imaginary
Bill Hughes pp 399-410
Regranting identity to the outgraced narratives of persons with learning disabilities: methodological considerations
Joan Lesseliers; Geert Van Hove; Stijn Vandevelde pp 711-423
Changing perspectives on the child at risk at the end of the nineteenth century. The Belgian Maritime Hospital Roger de Grimberghe (1884-1914) as a space of inclusion and exclusion
Bruno Vanobbergen pp 425-436
Policies and practices of diversity: reimagining possibilities for new discourses
Marta D. Infante; Claudia Matus pp 437-445
Getting to know reality and breaking stereotypes: the experience of two generations of working disabled women
María López González pp 447-459
An equality of condition framework for user involvement in mental health policy and planning: evidence from participatory action research
Shari McDaid pp 461-474
Pity and pragmatism: understandings of disability in northeast Thailand
Bhensri Naemiratch; Lenore Manderson pp 475-488
Understanding the social exclusion and stalled welfare of citizens with learning disabilities
Marcus Redley pp 489-501
Social representations of inclusion and stratification: ethnographic research within two Israeli elementary schools
Smadar Tuval; Emda Orr pp 503-516
Student perspectives: Women with disabilities in the North West province of Cameroon: resilient and deserving of greater attention
Shirin Kiani pp 517-531
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