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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2016. Número 38 (10)

Review Paper
Does spirituality facilitate adjustment and resilience among individuals and families after SCI?
Kate Jones, Grahame Kenneth Simpson, Lynne Briggs & Pat Dorsett
Work-related problems in multiple sclerosis: a literature review on its associates and determinants
Alberto Raggi, Venusia Covelli, Silvia Schiavolin, Chiara Scaratti, Matilde Leonardi & Michelle Willems
Research Paper
Assessing the impact of upper limb disability following stroke: a qualitative enquiry using internet-based personal accounts of stroke survivors
Leon Poltawski, Rhoda Allison, Simon Briscoe, Jennifer Freeman, Cherry Kilbride, Debbie Neal, Ailie J. Turton & Sarah Dean
Choral singing therapy following stroke or Parkinson’s disease: an exploration of participants’ experiences
Laura Fogg-Rogers, Stephen Buetow, Alison Talmage, Clare M. McCann, Sylvia H. S. Leão, Lynette Tippett, Joan Leung, Kathryn M. McPherson & Suzanne C. Purdy
Optimising leisure participation: a pilot intervention study for adolescents with physical impairments
Christine Imms, Sarah Mathews, Kelli Nicola Richmond, Mary Law & Anna Ullenhag
Optimizing social participation in community-dwelling older adults through the use of behavioral coping strategies
Véronique Provencher, Johanne Desrosiers, Louise Demers & Pierre-Hugues Carmichael
Cognitive Orientation to (Daily) Occupational Performance intervention leads to improvements in impairments, activity and participation in children with Developmental Coordination Disorder
Ashleigh Thornton, Melissa Licari, Siobhan Reid, Jodie Armstrong, Rachael Fallows & Catherine Elliott
Return to work for severely injured survivors of the Christchurch earthquake: influences in the first 2 years
Joanne Nunnerley, Jennifer Dunn, Kathryn McPherson, Gary Hooper & Tim Woodfield
On the road again after traumatic brain injury: driver safety and behaviour following on-road assessment and rehabilitation
Pamela Ross, Jennie L. Ponsford, Marilyn Di Stefano, Judith Charlton & Gershon Spitz
Decline in cognitive function due to diffuse axonal injury does not necessarily imply a corresponding decline in ability to perform activities
Ann Björkdahl, Eva Esbjörnsson, Johan Ljungqvist, Thomas Skoglund & Katharina Stibrant Sunnerhagen
Assessment Procedures
Utility of the Community Integration Questionnaire in a sample of adults with neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders receiving prevocational training
Robert Tomaszewski & Maura Mitrushina
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