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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2016. Número 38 (9)

Research Paper
Pediatric SCI/D caregiver mental health and family dynamics in Colombia, South America
Sarah T. Doyle, Paul B. Perrin, Elizabeth Nicholls, Silvia Leonor Olivera, Lorena Medina Quintero, Nadezda Yulieth Méndez Otálvaro & Juan Carlos Arango-Lasprilla
Health-related quality of life improvements among women with chronic pain: comparison of two multidisciplinary interventions
Sigrún Vala Björnsdóttir, Margrét Arnljótsdóttir, Gunnar Tómasson, Jan Triebel & Unnur Anna Valdimarsdóttir
Long-term effects of cardiac rehabilitation in elderly individuals with stable coronary artery disease
Sandra Mandic, Emily Stevens, Claire Hodge, Casey Brown, Robert Walker, Dianne Body, Leanne Barclay, Edwin R. Nye & Michael J. A. Williams
Accessing disability services by people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds in Australia
Qingsheng Zhou
An exploratory analysis of the self-reported goals of individuals with chronic upper-extremity paresis following stroke
Kimberly J. Waddell, Rebecca L. Birkenmeier, Marghuretta D. Bland & Catherine E. Lang
The critical role of community-based micro-grants for disability aids and equipment: results from a needs analysis
Heidi Muenchberger, Carolyn Ehrlich, Sanjoti Parekh & Michelle Crozier
Physical activity predicts quality of life and happiness in children and adolescents with cerebral palsy
Carol Ann Maher, Monica Toohey & Monika Ferguson
Speech pathologists’ experience of involving people with stroke-induced aphasia in clinical decision making during rehabilitation
Karianne Berg, Marit By Rise, Susan Balandin, Elizabeth Armstrong & Torunn Askim
Children’s contact with people with disabilities and their attitudes towards disability: a cross-sectional study
Megan Armstrong, Christopher Morris, Charles Abraham, Obioha C. Ukoumunne & Mark Tarrant
Assessment Procedures
Psychometric validation of the Core Self-Evaluations Scale in people with spinal cord injury
Susan Miller Smedema, Blaise Morrison, Rana A. Yaghmaian, Jesse Deangelis & Holly Aldrich
Cross-cultural adaptation, validity and reliability of the Arabic version of the Lower Extremity Functional Scale
Ali H. Alnahdi, Ghada I. Alrashid, Hatem A. Alkhaldi & Ali Z. Aldali
Perspective In Rehabilitation
Exercise and comorbidity: the i3-S strategy for developing comorbidity-related adaptations to exercise therapy
Joost Dekker, Mariëtte de Rooij & Marike van der Leeden
Rehabilitation in Practice
Lessons from the 2015 earthquake(s) in Nepal: implication for rehabilitation
Phillip S. Sheppard & Michel D. Landry
Case Study
Feasibility and results of a case study of yoga to improve physical functioning in people with chronic traumatic brain injury
Arlene A. Schmid, Kristine K. Miller, Marieke Van Puymbroeck & Nancy Schalk
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