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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2016. Número 38 (6)

Research Paper
Factors perceived by employees regarding their sick leave due to depression
Marc Corbière, Esther Samson, Alessia Negrini, Louise St-Arnaud, Marie-José Durand, Marie-France Coutu, Geneviève Sauvé & Tania Lecomte
High prevalence of early onset mental disorders among long-term disability claimants
L. R. Cornelius, J. J. L. van der Klink, M. R. de Boer, S. Brouwer & J. W. Groothoff
Women’s perceived work environment after stress-related rehabilitation: experiences from the ReDO project
Birgitta A. Wästberg, Lena-Karin Erlandsson & Mona Eklund
Fatigue induced changes to kinematic and kinetic gait parameters following six minutes of walking in people with multiple sclerosis
James Vincent McLoughlin, Christopher John Barr, Benjamin Patritti, Maria Crotty, Stephen R. Lord & Daina L. Sturnieks
Evaluation of the structured bowel management program in inpatient rehabilitation: a prospective study
Bhasker Amatya, Alaedin Elmalik, Matthew Lowe & Fary Khan
Work-related musculoskeletal disorders among physical therapists: an online survey
Edgar R. Vieira, Stephanie Svoboda, Alexandra Belniak, Denis Brunt, Colleen Rose-St Prix, Lisa Roberts & Bruno R. da Costa
Peer support need fulfillment among adults with spinal cord injury: relationships with participation, life satisfaction and individual characteristics
Shane N. Sweet, Luc Noreau, Jean Leblond & Kathleen A. Martin Ginis
A synthesis of qualitative research exploring the barriers to staying in work with chronic musculoskeletal pain
Francine Toye, Kate Seers, Nick Allcock, Michelle Briggs, Eloise Carr & Karen Barker
Women's experiences of living with neurogenic bladder and bowel after spinal cord injury: life controlled by bladder and bowel
Andrea Nevedal, Anna L. Kratz & Denise G. Tate
Disability, caregiver’s dependency and patterns of access to rehabilitation care: results from a national representative study in Peru
Antonio Bernabe-Ortiz, Francisco Diez-Canseco, Alberto Vásquez & J. Jaime Miranda
Foot and ankle impairments affect balance and mobility in stroke (FAiMiS): the views and experiences of people with stroke
Terry Gorst, Alison Lyddon, Jon Marsden, Joanne Paton, Stewart C. Morrison, Mary Cramp & Jenny Freeman
Assessment Procedures
Reliability of measuring hip abductor strength following total knee arthroplasty using a hand-held dynamometer
Margaret B. Schache, Jodie A. McClelland & Kate E. Webster
Screening and facilitating further assessment for cognitive impairment after stroke: application of a shortened Montreal Cognitive Assessment (miniMoCA)
Nerissa Campbell, Danielle Rice, Lauren Friedman, Mark Speechley & Robert W. Teasell
Rehabilitation in Practice
Use of the ICF to investigate impairment, activity limitation and participation restriction in people using ankle-foot orthoses to manage mobility disabilities
Christine McMonagle, Susan Rasmussen, Mark A. Elliott & Diane Dixon
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