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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2016. Número 38 (4)

Research Paper
The experience of patients with fear-avoidance belief hospitalised for low back pain – a qualitative study
Dorte Barfred Stisen, Heidi Tegner, Tom Bendix & Bente Appel Esbensen
What are the functional outcomes of right hemisphere stroke patients with or without hemi-inattention complications? A critical narrative review and suggestions for further research
Maria Stella Stein, Cherry Kilbride & Frances Ann Reynolds
The rehabilitation plan can support clients’ active engagement and facilitate the process of change – experiences from people with late effects of polio participating in a rehabilitation programme
Eva Mansson Lexell, Jan Lexell & Maria Larsson-Lund
Validation of the ICF Core Set for Vocational Rehabilitation from the perspective of patients with spinal cord injury using focus groups
Beatrice Aiachini, Sonia Cremascoli, Reuben Escorpizo & Caterina Pistarini
Muscle function and body composition profile in adolescents with restrictive anorexia nervosa: does resistance training help?
Maria Fernández-del-Valle, Eneko Larumbe-Zabala, Gonzalo Morande-Lavin & Margarita Perez Ruiz
Associations of multiple chronic health conditions with active life expectancy in the United States
James N. Laditka & Sarah B. Laditka
Physical activity profiles and sedentary behaviour in people following stroke: a cross-sectional study
Lorna Paul, Stephen Brewster, Sally Wyke, Jason M. R. Gill, Gillian Alexander, Aleksandra Dybus & Danny Rafferty
Sexual functioning and sexual well-being in people with a limb amputation: a cross-sectional study in the Netherlands
Jesse E. A. Verschuren, Jan H. Geertzen, Paul Enzlin, Pieter U. Dijkstra & Rienk Dekker
Assessment Procedures
Validity and reliability of a novel measure of activity performance and participation
Phil Murgatroyd & Leila Karimi
Rasch measurement: the Arm Activity measure (ArmA) passive function sub-scale
Stephen Ashford, Richard J. Siegert & Roxana Alexandrescu
Rehabilitation in Practice
Facilitating interprofessional evidence-based practice in paediatric rehabilitation: development, implementation and evaluation of an online toolkit for health professionals
Stephanie M. N. Glegg, Roslyn Livingstone & Ivonne Montgomery
Perspectives in Rehabilitation
Coping with cancer-related cognitive dysfunction: a scoping review of the literature
Alix Sleight
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