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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2015. Número 37 (21)

The Bobath (NDT) concept in adult neurological rehabilitation: what is the state of the knowledge? A scoping review. Part II: intervention studies perspectives
Julie Vaughan-Graham, Cheryl Cott & F. Virginia Wright
Review: typically-developing students’ views and experiences of inclusive education
Helen Bates, Aileen McCafferty, Ethel Quayle & Karen McKenzie
Research Paper
Executive functioning deficits in young adult survivors of bronchopulmonary dysplasia
Aisling Gough, Mark A. Linden, Dale Spence, Henry L. Halliday, Christopher C. Patterson & Lorcan McGarvey
Biomedical and psychosocial factors influencing transtibial prosthesis fit: a Delphi survey among health care professionals
Erwin C. Baars, Ernst Schrier, Jan H. Geertzen & Pieter U. Dijkstra
What is rehabilitation potential? Development of a theoretical model through the accounts of healthcare professionals working in stroke rehabilitation services
Christopher R. Burton, Maria Horne, Kate Woodward-Nutt, Audrey Bowen & Pippa Tyrrell
An examination of clinicians’ experiences of collaborative culturally competent service delivery to immigrant families raising a child with a physical disability
Melissa Fellin, Chantal Desmarais & Sally Lindsay
Demographic, socioeconomic and clinical correlates of self-management in multiple sclerosis
Maciej Wilski, Tomasz Tasiemski & Piotr Kocur
Assessment Procedure
The Northwick Park Therapy Dependency Assessment scale: a psychometric analysis from a large multicentre neurorehabilitation dataset
Roxana Alexandrescu, Richard J. Siegert & Lynne Turner-Stokes
The use of goal attainment scaling in neuropsychological rehabilitation in multiple sclerosis
Mervi Rannisto, Eija Rosti-Otajärvi, Anu Mäntynen, Keijo Koivisto, Heini Huhtala & Päivi Hämäläinen
Rett syndrome: establishing a novel outcome measure for walking activity in an era of clinical trials for rare disorders
Jenny Downs, Helen Leonard, Peter Jacoby, Lauren Brisco, Gordon Baikie & Kylie Hill
Rehabilitation and Practice
Evaluating health services with point of service feedback: perspectives and experiences of patients, staff and community volunteers in an inpatient rehabilitation facility
Stephen D. Gill, Pamela J. Dolley, Trisha L. Dunning & Andrew J. Hughes
Education and Training
Deontological and utilitarian ethics: a brief introduction in the context of disorders of consciousness
Richard C. Playford, Tom Roberts & E. Diane Playford
Closing the gap: training for healthcare workers and people with disabilities on the interrelationship of HIV and disability
Jill Hanass-Hancock & Farzana Alli
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