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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2015. Número 37 (20)

The Bobath (NDT) concept in adult neurological rehabilitation: what is the state of the knowledge? A scoping review. Part I: conceptual perspectives
Julie Vaughan-Graham, Cheryl Cott & F. Virginia Wright
Research Paper
The importance, measurement and practical implications of worker's expectations for return to work
Amanda E. Young, Elyssa Besen & YoonSun Choi
Executive dysfunction post-stroke: an insight into the perspectives of physiotherapists
Sara Hayes, Claire Donnellan & Emma Stokes
A value-based practice model of rehabilitation: consumers’ recommendations in action
Karen K. Yoshida, Hazel M. Self, Rebecca M. Renwick, Laura L. Forma, Audrey J. King & Leslie A. Fell
Community re-integration and long-term need in the first five years after stroke: results from a national survey
Mary Elizabeth Walsh, Rose Galvin, Cliona Loughnane, Chris Macey & N. Frances Horgan
Betwixt and between: workplace perspectives on work reintegration in the eldercare sector in Denmark
Eva Ladekjaer Larsen, Merete Labriola, Claus Vinther Nielsen & Kirsten Schultz Petersen
Severe to profound hearing impairment: quality of life, psychosocial consequences and audiological rehabilitation
Per-Inge Carlsson, Jennie Hjaldahl, Anders Magnuson, Elisabeth Ternevall, Margareta Edén, Åsa Skagerstrand & Radi Jönsson
Transcranial direct current stimulation in the recovery of postural control after stroke: a pilot study
Wim Saeys, Luc Vereeck, Christophe Lafosse, Steven Truijen, Floris L. Wuyts & Paul Van De Heyning
Examination of contraction-induced muscle pain as a behavioral correlate of physical activity in women with and without fibromyalgia
Masataka Umeda, Lisa W. Corbin & Katrina S. Maluf
Understanding nursing practice in stroke units: a Q-methodological study
David J. Clarke & Janet Holt
Assessment Procedures
A head-to-head comparison of the de Morton Mobility Index (DEMMI) and Elderly Mobility Scale (EMS) in an older acute medical population
Natalie A. de Morton, Jo Nolan, Michael O'Brien, Susie Thomas, Adam Govier, Karen Sherwell, Bruce Harris & Noel Markham
Psychometric properties of the Spanish version of the Cumberland Ankle Instability Tool
Ángel L. Rodríguez-Fernández, Jesús Rebollo-Roldán, José J. Jiménez-Rejano & Javier Güeita-Rodríguez
Inter-rater agreement of the Arabic Gross Motor Classification System Expanded & Revised in children with cerebral palsy in Jordan
Nihad Almasri & Maysoun Saleh
Validation of the World Health Organization Assessment Schedule II Chinese Traditional Version (WHODAS II CT) in persons with disabilities and chronic illnesses for Chinese population
Mike K. T. Cheung, Anchor T. F. Hung, Peter K. K. Poon, Daniel Y. T. Fong, Leonard S. W. Li, Eddie S. L. Chow, Zhuo-Ying Qiu & Tsan-Hon Liou
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