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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2015. Número 37 (13)

Crosswalk of participation self-report measures for aphasia to the ICF: what content is being measured?
Caitlin Brandenburg, Linda Worrall, Amy Rodriguez, Karl Bagraith
Research Papers
Place attachment in stroke rehabilitation: a transdisciplinary encounter between cultural geography, environmental psychology and rehabilitation medicine
Christa S. Nanninga, Louise Meijering, Marleen C. Schönherr, Klaas Postema, Ant T. Lettinga
Client-centred practices and work in inpatient rehabilitation teams: results from four case studies
Christina Papadimitriou, Cheryl Cott
Transitioning to adulthood with a progressive condition: best practice assumptions and individual experiences of young men with Duchenne muscular dystrophy
Yani Hamdani, Bhavnita Mistry, Barbara E. Gibson
Changes in self-reported disability after performance-based tests in obese and non-obese individuals diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the knee
Kamary Coriolano, Alice Aiken, Caroline Pukall, Mark Harrison
Negotiating identity: a qualitative analysis of stigma and support seeking for individuals with cerebral palsy
Stuart A. Read, Thomas A. Morton, Michelle K. Ryan
A thematic framework of illness narratives produced by stroke patients
A. Pluta, H. Ulatowska, N. Gawron, M. Sobanska, E. Lojek
A pilot mixed methods investigation of the use of Oswestry standing frames in the homes of nine people with severe multiple sclerosis
W. A. Hendrie, M. J. Watson, M. A. McArthur
Tablet technology during stroke recovery: a survivor’s perspective
Jennifer White, Heidi Janssen, Louise Jordan, Michael Pollack
Assessment Procedures
Which dimensions of disability does the HIV Disability Questionnaire (HDQ) measure? A factor analysis
Kelly K. O’Brien, Ahmed M. Bayoumi, Paul Stratford, Patricia Solomon
Perspectives in Rehabilitation
The role of occupational therapy in vision rehabilitation of individuals with glaucoma
Heather M. Livengood, Nancy A. Baker
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