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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2015. Número 37 (12)

Upper extremity function and activity in facioscapulohumeral dystrophy and limb-girdle muscular dystrophies: a systematic review
Arjen Bergsma, Edith H. C. Cup, Alexander C. H. Geurts, Imelda J. M. de Groot
Stabilizing characteristics of rotator cuff muscles: a systematic review
Sangeeta Sangwan, Rodney A. Green, Nicholas F. Taylor
Research Papers
ICF-CY code set for infants with early delay and disabilities (EDD Code Set) for interdisciplinary assessment: a global experts survey
Yi-Ling Pan, Ai-Wen Hwang, Rune J. Simeonsson, Lu Lu, Hua-Fang Liao
Separation from supported employment: a retrospective chart review study
Michael West, Pamela Targett, Paul Wehman, Gabriella Cifu, Jacob Davis
The therapeutic relationship in telephone-delivered support for people undertaking rehabilitation: a mixed-methods interaction analysis
Ingrid Muller, Sarah Kirby, Lucy Yardley
Implementing a novel dance intervention in rehabilitation: perceived barriers and facilitators
Marika Demers, Aliki Thomas, Walter Wittich, Patricia McKinley
Bridging the goal intention–action gap in rehabilitation: a study of if-then implementation intentions in neurorehabilitation
Paula Kersten, Kathryn M. McPherson, Nicola M. Kayes, Alice Theadom, Alana McCambridge
Disability in post-earthquake Haiti: prevalence and inequality in access to services
Lisa Danquah, Sarah Polack, Aude Brus, Islay Mactaggart, Claire Perrin Houdon, Patrick Senia, Pierre Gallien, Hannah Kuper
Assessment Procedures
Test–retest reliability and responsiveness of a French Canadian Upper Limb Functional Index (ULFI-FC)
Tokiko Hamasaki, Louise Demers, Johanne Filiatrault
Establishing the reliability and concurrent validity of physical performance tests using virtual reality equipment for community-dwelling healthy elders
David Griswold, Kyle Rockwell, Carri Killa, Michael Maurer, Nancy Landgraff, Ken Learman
The 6-minute walk distance cannot be accurately assessed at home in people with COPD
Anne E. Holland, Tshepo Rasekaba, Julio F. Fiore Jr, Angela T. Burge, Annemarie L. Lee
Perspectives in Rehabilitation
Post-concussion return to play and return to school guidelines for children and youth: a scoping methodology
Carol DeMatteo, Dayle McCauley, Kathy Stazyk, Jessica Harper, John Adamich, Sarah Randall, Cheryl Missiuna
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