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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2015. Número 37 (2)

Effectiveness of preventive and corrective surgical intervention on hip disorders in severe cerebral palsy: a systematic review
Carola B. Bouwhuis, Hélène C. van der Heijden-Maessen, Eric J. K. Boldingh, Cees F. A. Bos, Guus J. Lankhorst
Research Papers
Socioeconomic disparities in work performance following mild stroke
Joseph K. Brey, Timothy J. Wolf
Mobility, satisfaction with functional capacity and perceived quality of life (PQOL) in older persons with self-reported visual impairment: the pathway between ability to get around and PQOL
Polly Yeung, Andy Towers, Steven La Grow, Michael Philipp, Fiona Alpass, Christine Stephens
A follow-up study on the relationship among participation, activity and motor function in survivors of stroke following constraint-induced therapy
Karen Atler, Matthew Malcolm, Catherine Greife
Fast gait speed and self-perceived balance as valid predictors and discriminators of independent community walking at 6 months post-stroke – a preliminary study
Marlene Cristina Rosa, Alda Marques, Sara Demain, Cheryl D. Metcalf
Psychosocial outcomes and coping after complete avulsion traumatic brachial plexus injury
Lauren Franzblau, Kevin C. Chung
Self-reported mental health in youth with cerebral palsy and associations to recurrent musculoskeletal pain
Kjersti Ramstad, Jon Håvard Loge, Reidun Jahnsen, Trond H. Diseth
Assessment Procedures
Rasch analysis of the Italian version of fear avoidance beliefs questionnaire (FABQ-I)
Roberto Meroni, Daniele Piscitelli, Francesca Bonetti, Mattia Zambaldi, Andrew A. Guccione, Paolo Pillastrini
Measuring rehabilitation outcome in post-acute hip fractured patients
Avital Hershkovitz, Riki Brown, Arie Burstin, Shai Brill
Balance outcome measures in cerebellar ataxia: a Delphi survey
Stanley J. Winser, Catherine Smith, Leigh A. Hale, Leica S. Claydon, Susan L. Whitney
Framing disability among young adults with disabilities and non-disabled young adults: an exploratory study
Michal Soffer, Fiona Chew
Perspectives in Rehabilitation
Exploring use of the ICF in health education
Catherine C. Bornbaum, Adam M. B. Day, Kristen Izaryk, Stephanie J. Morrison, Michael J. Ravenek, Lindsay E. Sleeth, Elizabeth Skarakis-Doyle
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