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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2014. Número 36 (26)

Research Papers
Weather, disability, vulnerability, and resilience: exploring how youth with physical disabilities experience winter
Sally Lindsay, Nicole Yantzi
Domestic accidents and multiple sclerosis: an exploratory study of occurrence and possible causes
Ornella Argento, Chiara Concetta Incerti, Valerio Pisani, Giuseppe Magistrale, Giancarlo Di Battista, Silvia Romano, Elisabetta Ferraro, Carlo Caltagirone, Ugo Nocentini
Traumatic brain injury and cognitive impairment in men who are homeless
Jackie Andersen, Nadine Kot, Naomi Ennis, Angela Colantonio, Donna Ouchterlony, Michael D. Cusimano, Jane Topolovec-Vranic
“You plan, but you never know” – participation among people with different levels of severity of Parkinson’s disease
Björg Thordardottir, Maria H. Nilsson, Susanne Iwarsson, Maria Haak
Patients’ view on health-related aspects of functioning and disability of joint contractures: a qualitative interview study based on the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF)
Uli Fischer, Gabriele Bartoszek, Martin Müller, Ralf Strobl, Gabriele Meyer, Eva Grill
A step activity monitoring program improves real world walking activity post stroke
Kelly A. Danks, Margaret A. Roos, Dana McCoy, Darcy S. Reisman
Assessment of postural stabilization in three task oriented movements in people with multiple sclerosis
Davide Cattaneo, Marco Rabuffetti, Gabriele Bovi, Elisabetta Mevio, Johanna Jonsdottir, Maurizio Ferrarin
The impact of STRENGTH on the expected and actual transition to home experience
Louise A. Gustafsson, Tenelle J. Hodson, Jennifer M. Fleming, Melanie F. Hoyle
Exploring the experience of facilitating self-management with minority ethnic stroke survivors: a qualitative study of therapists’ perceptions
Meriel Norris, Fiona Jones, Cherry Kilbride, Christina Victor
Rehabilitation In Practice
Current knowledge and impressions of speech-language pathologists of the swallow of persons who are obese
Paul M. Evitts, Michelle Kopf, Megan Kauffman
Assessment Procedures
Validity of the single limb heel raise test to predict lower extremity disablement in patients with sporadic inclusion body myositis
Todd E. Davenport, Joseph A. Shrader, Beverly McElroy, Goran Rakocevic, Marinos Dalakas, Michael O. Harris-Love
Using EFA and FIM rating scales could provide a more complete assessment of patients with acquired brain injury
Peter W. Stubbs, Hanne Pallesen, Asger R. Pedersen, Jorgen F. Nielsen
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