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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2014. Número 36 (24)

Research Papers
The role of social support in anxiety and depression among Parkinson’s disease patients
Radka Ghorbani Saeedian, Iveta Nagyova, Martina Krokavcova, Matej Skorvanek, Jaroslav Rosenberger, Zuzana Gdovinova, Johan W. Groothoff, Jitse P. van Dijk
The importance of a daily rhythm in a supportive environment – promoting ability in activities in everyday life among older women living alone with chronic pain
Sara Cederbom, Petra von Heideken Wagert, Anne Söderlund, Maja Söderbäck
Energy expenditure during everyday activities – a study comparing people with varying mobility limitations due to multiple sclerosis and healthy controls
Susan Coote, Catriona O’Dwyer
"Strong and steady": a community-based strength and balance exercise group for children with cerebral palsy
Megan Louise Auld, Leanne Marie Johnston
Representations of disability and normality in rehabilitation technology promotional materials
Shanon K. Phelan, Virginia Wright, Barbara E. Gibson
An exploratory study of how sports and recreation industry personnel perceive the barriers and facilitators of physical activity in children with disability
Nora Shields, Anneliese J. Synnot
A pre-operative group rehabilitation programme provided limited benefit for people with severe hip and knee osteoarthritis
Jason A. Wallis, Kate E. Webster, Pazit Levinger, Cynthia Fong, Nicholas F. Taylor
Perspectives in Rehabilitation
Health behaviour change theories: contributions to an ICF-based behavioural exercise therapy for individuals with chronic diseases
Wolfgang Geidl, Jana Semrau, Klaus Pfeife

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