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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2014. Número 36 (21)

Research Papers
The significance of FM associations for women with FM
Päivi Juuso, Siv Söderberg, Malin Olsson, Lisa Skär
Disabilities of importance for patients to improve – using a patient preference tool in rheumatoid arthritis
Li Alemo Munters, Nina Brodin, Elin Löfberg, Sara Stråt, Helene Alexanderson
“Our lives, our identity”: women with disabilities in India
Ranjita Dawn
Understanding significant others’ experience of aphasia and rehabilitation following stroke
Marie-Christine Hallé, Guylaine Le Dorze
Exploring staff experience of an “enriched environment” within stroke rehabilitation: a qualitative sub-study
Jennifer H. White, Katherine Alborough, Heidi Janssen, Neil Spratt, Louise Jordan, Michael Pollack
Experiences of daily activity in chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME) and their implications for rehabilitation programmes
Sue Pemberton, Diane L. Cox
Assessment Procedures
Development and validation of a French Canadian version of the falls Behavioral (FaB) Scale
Johanne Filiatrault, Louise Demers, Manon Parisien, Agathe Lorthios-Guilledroit, Christine Kaegi, Isabelle Ménard, Mary-Grace Paniconi, Caroline St-Laurent
Child engagement in daily life: a measure of participation for young children with cerebral palsy
Lisa A. Chiarello, Robert J. Palisano, Sarah Westcott McCoy, Doreen J. Bartlett, Audrey Wood, Hui-Ju Chang, Lin-Ju Kang, Lisa Avery
Perspectives in Rehabilitation
Quantitative studies of validity: expanding our understanding of disability
Paul Gerrard
Grieving my broken body: an autoethnographic account of spinal cord injury as an experience of grief
Shane Clifton
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