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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2014. Número 36 (20)

Research Papers
Comorbid insomnia in patients with chronic pain: a study based on the Swedish quality registry for pain rehabilitation (SQRP)
Peter Alföldi, Tobias Wiklund, Björn Gerdle
The experience of couples when one partner has a stroke at a young age: an interpretative phenomenological analysis
Karen Quinn, Craig D. Murray, Caroline Malone
"What do you expect from physiotherapy?": a detailed analysis of goal setting in physiotherapy
Veronika Schoeb, Liliana Staffoni, Ruth Parry, Alison Pilnick
Physiotherapy rehabilitation in the context of HIV and disability in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Saul Cobbing, Jill Hanass-Hancock, Margaret Deane
Assessment Procedures
Physical activity monitoring in stroke: SenseWear Pro2 Activity accelerometer versus Yamax Digi-Walker SW-200 Pedometer
Christel Vanroy, Dirk Vissers, Patrick Cras, Saskia Beyne, Hilde Feys, Yves Vanlandewijck, Steven Truijen
General motor function assessment scale – reliability of a Norwegian version
Birgitta Langhammer, Birgitta Lindmark
Rehabilitation in Practice
The perceptions of people with low back pain treated in the Spanish National Health, and their experience while undergoing a new evidence-based treatment. A focus group study
Alejandra Cano, Mario Gestoso, Francisco Kovacs, Claire Hale, Nicole Mufraggi, Víctor Abraira
A novel spelling system for locked-in syndrome patients using only eye contact
David Jos Kopsky, Yvonne Winninghoff, Albert C. M. Winninghoff, Janneke Marjan Stolwijk-Swüste
Accessibility of medical services for persons with disabilities: comparison with the general population in Korea
Jeong-Eun Lee, Hye-Ri Kim, Hyung-Ik Shin
Perspectives in Rehabilitation
A multidimensional model of optimal participation of children with physical disabilities
Lin-Ju Kang, Robert J. Palisano, Gillian A. King, Lisa A. Chiarello
Disability studies in Sri Lanka: priorities for action
R. J. Peiris-John, S. Attanayake, L. Daskon, A. R. Wickremasinghe, S. Ameratunga
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