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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2014. Número 36 (19)

Research Papers
Prevalence of joint contractures and muscle weakness in people with multiple sclerosis
Phu Dinh Hoang, Simon C. Gandevia, Robert D. Herbert
Staying at work and living with MS: a qualitative study of the impact of a vocational rehabilitation intervention
Bronwyn Jellie, Joanna Sweetland, Afsane Riazi, Stefan J. Cano, E. Diane Playford
Exploring the experience of psychological morbidity and service access in community dwelling stroke survivors: a follow-up study
Jennifer White, Alexandra Dickson, Parker Magin, Amanda Tapley, John Attia, John Sturm, Gregory Carter
The cognitive process of identity reconstruction after the onset of a neurological disability
Anne Gendreau, Roxane de la Sablonnière
Perceived difficulty in the use of everyday technology: relationships with everyday functioning in people with acquired brain injury with a special focus on returning to work
Maria Larsson Lund, Louise Nygård, Anders Kottorp
An integrated methods study of the experiences of youth with severe disabilities in leisure activity settings: the importance of belonging, fun, and control and choice
Gillian King, Barbara E. Gibson, Bhavnita Mistry, Madhu Pinto, Freda Goh, Gail Teachman, Laura Thompson
Activity problems in everyday life – patients’ perspectives of hand osteoarthritis: “try imagining what it would be like having no hands”
Elise Bromann Bukhave, Lotte Huniche
Assessment Procedures
Development of the Spanish version of the Spinal Cord Independence Measure version III: cross-cultural adaptation and reliability and validity study
Maria Jose Zarco-Periñan, María J. Barrera-Chacón, Inmaculada García-Obrero, Juan Bosco Mendez-Ferrer, Luis Eduardo Alarcon, Carmen Echevarria-Ruiz de Vargas
A multi-method approach to studying activity setting participation: integrating standardized questionnaires, qualitative methods and physiological measures
Barbara E. Gibson, Gillian King, Azadeh Kushki, Bhavnita Mistry, Laura Thompson, Gail Teachman, Beata Batorowicz, Margot McMain-Klein
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