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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2014. Número 36 (17)

Review Article
A scoping review of 10 years of published literature on community-based rehabilitation
Shaun Cleaver, Stephanie Nixon
Research Papers
Differences between self-reported and observed physical functioning in independent older adults
Rona Feuering, Elisha Vered, Talma Kushnir, Alan M. Jette, Itshak Melzer
A comprehensive exercise program for a young adult male with Down syndrome who experienced a stroke
Amanda Faith Casey, Marilyn Mackay-Lyons, Eilish Marie Connolly, Craig Jennings, Roy Rasmussen
Associations between social participation and subjective quality of life for adults with moderate to severe traumatic brain injury
Alison M. McLean, Tal Jarus, Anita M. Hubley, Lyn Jongbloed
Conversational pursuit of medication compliance in a Therapeutic Community for persons diagnosed with mental disorders
Luigina Mortari, Marco Pino

Talking about sex after traumatic brain injury: perceptions and experiences of multidisciplinary rehabilitation professionals
Kerry Dyer, Roshan das Nair
An examination of social support influences on participation for older adults with chronic health conditions
Carri Hand, Mary Law, Mary Ann McColl, Steven Hanna, Susan Elliott
Does the impact of osteoarthritis vary by age, gender and social deprivation? A community study using the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health
Beth Pollard, Diane Dixon, Marie Johnston
Left/right judgement does not influence the effect of mirror therapy after stroke
Camilla B. Lundquist, Jorgen F. Nielsen
Outcomes of home-based employment service programs for people with disabilities and their related factors – a preliminary study in Taiwan
Yi-Jiun Lin, I-Chun Huang, Yun-Tung Wang
A life-course perspective on stigma-handling: resilience in persons of restricted growth narrated in life histories
Anne-Kristine Schanke, Kirsten Thorsen
Rehabilitation and Practice
Efficacy of leisure intervention groups in rehabilitation of people with an acquired brain injury
Elizabeth J. Mitchell, Craig Veitch, Megan Passey
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