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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2013. Número 35 (14)

Review Article
The experience of amputation and prosthesis use for adults: a metasynthesis
Murray, Craig D.; Forshaw, Mark J.
Research Papers
Perceived recovery as a predictor of physical activity participation after mild stroke
Wolf, Timothy; Koster, Jessica
A pilot randomized controlled trial of an early multidisciplinary model to prevent disability following traumatic injury
Browne, Allyson L.; Appleton, Sally; Fong, Kim; Wood, Fiona; Coll, Fiona; de Munck, Sonja; Newnham, Elizabeth; Schug, Stephan A.
Leaving a spinal unit and returning to the wider community: an interpretative phenomenological analysis
Nunnerley, J. L.; Hay-Smith, E. J. C.; Dean, S. G.
Participant perceptions of a novel physiotherapy approach ("Blue Prescription") for increasing levels of physical activity in people with multiple sclerosis: a qualitative study following intervention
Smith, Catherine M; Hale, Leigh A; Mulligan, Hilda F; Treharne, Gareth J
What does coping mean to the worker with pain-related disability? A qualitative study
Carroll, Linda J.; Rothe, J. Peter; Ozegovic, Dejan
Older adult perceptions of the physicians’ role in promoting physical activity
Costello, Ellen; Leone, James E.; Ellzy, Megan; Miller, Todd A.
Reference values for the 6-Min Walking Test in obese subjects
Capodaglio, Paolo; De Souza, Shirley A.; Parisio, Cinzia; Precilios, Helmer; Vismara, Luca; Cimolin, Veronica; Brunani, Amelia
Depression and pain among inpatients with spinal cord injury and spinal cord disease: differences in symptoms and neurological function
Tate, Denise G.; Forchheimer, Martin B.; Karana-Zebari, Dunia; Chiodo, Anthony E.; Kendall Thomas, Jennifer Young
Rehabilitation in Practice
The feasibility and short-term benefits of Blue Prescription: a novel intervention to enable physical activity for people with multiple sclerosis
Hale, L. A.; Mulligan, H. F.; Treharne, G. J.; Smith, C. M
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