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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2013. Número 35 (10)

Research Papers
Reinvestigation of the dysfunction in neck and shoulder girdle muscles as the reason of cervicogenic headache among office workers
Huber, Juliusz; Lisinski, Przemyslaw; Polowczyk, Agnieszka
Investigation of quality of life in mothers of children withcerebral palsy in Iran: association with socio-economic status,marital satisfaction and fatigue
Khayatzadeh, Mohammad Mahani; Rostami, Hamid Reza; Amirsalari, Susan; Karimloo, Masood
A sociological perspective on "the unmotivated client": public accountability and professional work methods in vocational rehabilitation
van Hal, Lineke; Meershoek, Agnes; Nijhuis, Frans; Horstman, Klasien
Getting the pain right: how low back pain patients manage and express their pain experiences
Larsen, Eva Ladekjaer; Nielsen, Claus Vinther; Jensen, Chris
Staff perceptions of using outcome measures in stroke rehabilitation
Burton, Louisa-Jane; Tyson, Sarah; McGovern, Alison
"It’s a balance between letting it influence life completely and not letting it influence life at all" – a qualitative study of migraine prevention from patients’ perspective
Varkey, E.; Linde, M.; Henoch, I.
Subarachnoid haemorrhage (SAH): long-term cognitive outcome in patients treated with surgical clipping or endovascular coiling
Latimer, Sophie F.; Wilson, F. Colin; McCusker, Chris G.; Caldwell, Sheena B.; Rennie, Ian
Reliability and validity of perceived self-efficacy in wheeled mobility scale among elite wheelchair-dependent athletes with a spinal cord injury
Fliess-Douer, Osnat; Vanlandewijck, Yves C.; van der Woude, Lucas H. V.
Is walking faster or walking farther more important to persons with chronic stroke?
Combs, Stephanie A.; Van Puymbroeck, Marieke; Altenburger, Peter A.; Miller, Kristine K.; Dierks, Tracy A.; Schmid, Arlene A.
Rehabilitation in Practice
Portugal’s special education law: implementing the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health in policy and practice
Sanches-Ferreira, Manuela; Simeonsson, Rune J.; Silveira-Maia, Mónica; Alves, Sílvia; Tavares, Ana; Pinheiro, Sara
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