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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2014. Número 36 (9)

A systematic review of the prevalence of musculoskeletal pain, back and low back pain in people with spinal cord injury
Michailidou, Christina; Marston, Louise; De Souza, Lorraine H.; Sutherland, Ian
A systematic review of qualitative studies on adjusting after stroke: lessons for the study of resilience
Sarre, Sophie; Redlich, Cara; Tinker, Anthea; Sadler, Euan; Bhalla, Ajay; McKevitt, Christopher
Research Papers
Discharge destination of individuals with severe stroke undergoing rehabilitation: a predictive model
Pereira, Shelialah; Foley, Norine; Salter, Katherine; McClure, J. Andrew; Meyer, Matthew; Brown, Janet; Speechley, Mark; Teasell, Robert
Coping and its importance for quality of life in patients with multiple sclerosis
Mikula, Pavol; Nagyova, Iveta; Krokavcova, Martina; Vitkova, Marianna; Rosenberger, Jaroslav; Szilasiova, Jarmila; Gdovinova, Zuzana; Groothoff, Johan W.; van Dijk, Jitse P.
Modification of the assessment of life habits (LIFE-Hm) to consider personalized satisfaction with participation in activities and roles: results from a construct validity study with older adults
Roy-Bouthot, Kathleen; Filiatrault, Patrick; Caron, Cyndi; Gagnon, Maxime; Prémont, Stéphanie; Levasseur, Mélanie
Influence of fear of falling on gait and balance in Parkinson’s disease
Bryant, Mon S.; Rintala, Diana H.; Hou, Jyh-Gong; Protas, Elizabeth J.
Physical activity and low back pain: the role of subgroups based on the avoidance-endurance model
Plaas, Heike; Sudhaus, Sigrid; Willburger, Roland; Hasenbring, Monika I.
Exploring the later life relationship between adults with cerebral palsy and their non-disabled siblings
Dew, Angela; Llewellyn, Gwynnyth; Balandin, Susan
Cross cultural adaptation of the adolescent/adult sensory profile: establishing linguistic equivalency and psychometric properties of the Arabic version
Almomani, Fidaa M.; Brown, Catana; Dahab, Sana Abu; Almomani, Murad; Nadar, Mohammad
Rehabilitation in Practice
Relaxation training after stroke: potential to reduce anxiety
Kneebone, Ian; Walker-Samuel, Natalie; Swanston, Jennifer; Otto, Elisabeth
Education and Training
What place for ethics? An overview of ethics teaching in occupational therapy and physiotherapy programs in Canada
Hudon, Anne; Laliberté, Maude; Hunt, Matthew; Sonier, Vickie; Williams-Jones, Bryn; Mazer, Barbara; Badro, Valérie; Ehrmann Feldman, Debbie
Physical and rehabilitation medicine training center in Split, Croatia: striving to achieve excellence in education of a rehabilitation team
Vlak, Tonko; Soso, Daniela; Poljicanin, Ana; Becir, Boris; Marinovic, Ivanka; Pivalica, Dinko; Tukic, Asja; Rota Ceprnja, Asija; Pecotic-Jericevic, Sandra
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