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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2014. Número 36 (7)

Contractures with special reference in elderly: definition and risk factors – a systematic review with practical implications
Offenbächer, M.; Sauer, S.; Rieß, J.; Müller, M.; Grill, E.; Daubner, A.; Randzio, O.; Kohls, N.; Herold-Majumdar, A.
Research Papers
Medical and psychosocial problems in middle-aged spina bifida patients: survey among members of the Dutch patients’ association
Veenboer, Paul W.; Procee, Anke I.; Verheijden, Johannes M. A.; Bosch, J. L. H. Ruud; van Asbeck, Floris W. A.; de Kort, Laetitia M. O.
Development of the MG-DIS: an ICF-based disability assessment instrument for myasthenia gravis
Raggi, Alberto; Schiavolin, Silvia; Leonardi, Matilde; Antozzi, Carlo; Baggi, Fulvio; Maggi, Lorenzo; Mantegazza, Renato
Physiotherapy treatment of the diabetic shoulder: a longitudinal study following patients with diabetes and shoulder pain using a pre-post treatment design
Kyhlbäck, Maria; Schröder Winter, Helena; Thierfelder, Tomas; Söderlund, Anne
Implementing the National Service Framework for long-term (neurological) conditions: service user and service provider experiences
Sixsmith, Judith; Callender, Matthew; Hobbs, Georgina; Corr, Susan; Huber, Jörg W.
Mental health recovery on care farms and day centres: a qualitative comparative study of users’ perspectives
Iancu, Sorana C.; Zweekhorst, Marjolein B. M.; Veltman, Dick J.; van Balkom, Anton J. L. M.; Bunders, Joske F. G.
Social support and adaptation outcomes in children and adolescents with cerebral palsy
Carona, Carlos; Moreira, Helena; Silva, Neuza; Crespo, Carla; Canavarro, Maria Cristina
Linking the EASY-Care Standard to the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health
Marques, Alda; Martins, Anabela; Jácome, Cristina; Figueiredo, Daniela
The experience of living with knee osteoarthritis: exploring illness and treatment beliefs through thematic analysis
Pouli, Nektaria; Das Nair, Roshan; Lincoln, Nadina Berrice; Walsh, David
Rehabilitation in Practice
Development of a model for organisation of and cooperation on home-based rehabilitation – an action research project
Steihaug, Sissel; Lippestad, Jan-W.; Isaksen, Hanne; Werner, Anne
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