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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2014. Número 36 (5)

Research Papers
Long-term prediction of functional outcome after stroke using single items of the Barthel Index at discharge from rehabilitation centre
De Wit, Liesbet; Putman, Koen; Devos, Hannes; Brinkmann, Nadine; Dejaeger, Eddy; De Weerdt, Willy; Jenni, Walter; Lincoln, Nadina; Schuback, Birgit; Schupp, Wilfried
(Un)doing gender in a rehabilitation context: a narrative analysis of gender and self in stories of chronic muscle pain
Ahlsen, Birgitte; Bondevik, Hilde; Mengshoel, Anne Marit; Solbrække, Kari Nyheim
Content loaded within last 14 days What does the language we use about arthritis mean to people who have osteoarthritis? A qualitative study
Barker, Karen L.; Reid, Margaret; Minns Lowe, Catherine J.
Content loaded within last 14 days Self-perceived performance and satisfaction with performance of daily activities in persons with multiple sclerosis following interdisciplinary rehabilitation
Lexell, Eva Månsson; Flansbjer, Ulla-Britt; Lexell, Jan
Content loaded within last 14 days Self-management and adherence with exercise-based falls prevention programmes: a qualitative study to explore the views and experiences of older people and physiotherapists
Robinson, Lisa; Newton, Julia L.; Jones, Diana; Dawson, Pamela
Content loaded within last 14 days Use of an online survey to explore positive and negative outcomes of rehabilitation for people with CFS/ME
Gladwell, Peter William; Pheby, Derek; Rodriguez, Tristana; Poland, Fiona
Content loaded within last 14 days Dating and intimate relationships of women with below-knee amputation: an exploratory study
Mathias, Zoë; Harcourt, Diana
Content loaded within last 14 days Expanded and revised gross motor function classification system: study for Chinese school children with cerebral palsy
Shi, Wei; Yang, Hong; Li, Chu-yang; Zhou, Mei-qin; Zhu, Mo; Wang, Yi; Qian, Xu
Rehabilitation in Practice
Developing stroke-specific vocational rehabilitation: a soft systems analysis of current service provision
Sinclair, Emma; Radford, Kathryn; Grant, Mary; Terry, Jane
Perspectives in Rehabilitation
On developing an intersubjective frame for intellectual disability work
Capri, Charlotte
Baltes’ SOC model of successful ageing as a potential framework for stroke rehabilitation
Donnellan, C.; O’Neill, D.
Content loaded within last 14 days Conceptualizing how group singing may enhance quality of life with Parkinson’s disease
Buetow, Stephen A.; Talmage, Alison; McCann, Clare; Fogg, Laura; Purdy, Suzanne
Content loaded within last 14 days Family–professional collaboration in pediatric rehabilitation: a practice model
An, Mihee; Palisano, Robert J.
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