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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2014. Número 36 (4)

A systematic review on how to conduct evaluations in community-based rehabilitation
Grandisson, Marie; Hébert, Michèle; Thibeault, Rachel
A systematic review of self-management interventions for children and youth with physical disabilities
Lindsay, Sally; Kingsnorth, Shauna; Mcdougall, Carolyn; Keating, Heather
Research Papers
Impact of a film portrayal of a police officer with spinal cord injury on attitudes towards disability: a media effects experiment
Reinhardt, Jan D.; Pennycott, Andrew; Fellinghauer, Bernd A. G.
Balance self-efficacy in relation to balance and activities of daily living in community residents with stroke
Kim, Jung-Hee; Park, Eun-Young
Composite measures of multi-joint symptoms, but not of radiographic osteoarthritis, are associated with functional outcomes: the Johnston County Osteoarthritis Project
Nelson, Amanda E.; Elstad, Emily; DeVellis, Robert F.; Schwartz, Todd A.; Golightly, Yvonne M.; Renner, Jordan B.; Conaghan, Philip G.; Kraus, Virginia B.; Jordan, Joanne M.
Strength and functional deficits in individuals with hip osteoarthritis compared to healthy, older adults
Judd, Dana L.; Thomas, Abbey C.; Dayton, Michael R.; Stevens-Lapsley, Jennifer E.
Effectiveness of botulinum toxin injection with and without needle electromyographic guidance for the treatment of spasticity in hemiplegic patients: a randomized controlled trial
Ploumis, Avraam; Varvarousis, Dimitrios; Konitsiotis, Spyridon; Beris, Alexander
Validation of the Episodic Disability Framework with adults living with HIV
O'Brien, Kelly K.; Hanna, Steven; Gardner, Sandra; Bayoumi, Ahmed M.; Rueda, Sergio; Hart, Trevor A.; Cooper, Curtis; Solomon, Patricia; Rourke, Sean B.; Davis, Aileen M.
Perspectives in Rehabilitation
The roles, barriers and experiences of rehabilitation therapists in disaster relief: post-earthquake Haiti 2010
Klappa, Susan; Audette, Jennifer; Do, Sandy
Rehabilitation in Practice
Questionnaire assessment of usual practice in mood and cognitive assessment in Scottish stroke units
Lees, Rosalind A.; Broomfield, Niall M.; Quinn, Terence J.
Education and Training
Community-university partnerships in occupational therapy education: a preliminary exploration of practice in a European context
McGrath, Margaret; Moldes, Ines Viana; Fransen, Hetty; Hofstede-Wessels, Saskia; Lilienberg, Karin
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