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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2014. Número 36 (1)

Gait function and decline in adults with cerebral palsy: a systematic review
Morgan, P.; McGinley, J.
Research Papers
Reliability and validity of the Persian lower extremity functional scale (LEFS) in a heterogeneous sample of outpatients with lower limb musculoskeletal disorders
Negahban, Hossein; Hessam, Masumeh; Tabatabaei, Saeid; Salehi, Reza; Sohani, Soheil Mansour; Mehravar, Mohammad
Therapy behaviours in paediatric rehabilitation: essential attributes for intervention with children with physical disabilities
Di Rezze, Briano; Law, Mary; Eva, Kevin; Pollock, Nancy; Gorter, Jan Willem
The Neurological Impairment Scale: reliability and validity as a predictor of functional outcome in neurorehabilitation
Turner-Stokes, Lynne; Thu, Aung; Williams, Heather; Casey, Rebecca; Rose, Hilary; Siegert, Richard J.
From dictatorship to a reluctant democracy: stroke therapists talking about self-management
Norris, Meriel; Kilbride, Cherry
Satisfaction with health care among people with hearing impairment: a survey of Medicare beneficiaries
Barnett, Denise Derrick; Koul, Rajinder; Coppola, Nicholas M.
Stroke rehabilitation: should physiotherapy intervention be provided at a primary health care centre or the patients’ place of domicile?
Olaleye, Olubukola A.; Hamzat, Talhatu K.; Owolabi, Mayowa O.
Home-based psychoeducational and mailed information programs for stroke-caregiving dyads post-discharge: a randomized trial
Ostwald, Sharon K.; Godwin, Kyler M.; Cron, Stanley G.; Kelley, Carolyn P.; Hersch, Gayle; Davis, Sally
An exploratory study examining the relationships between the personal, environmental and activity participation variables and quality of life among young adults with disabilities
Yeung, Polly; Towers, Andy
Facilitators and barriers for eating behaviour changes in obstructive sleep apnoea and obesity - a qualitative content analysis
Sporndly-Nees, Soren; Igelström, Helena; Lindberg, Eva; Martin, Cathrin; Asenlöf, Pernilla
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