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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2013. Número 35 (22)

Research Papers
Estimating exercise capacity from walking tests in elderly individuals with stable coronary artery disease
Mandic, Sandra; Walker, Robert; Stevens, Emily; Nye, Edwin R.; Body, Dianne; Barclay, Leanne; Williams, Michael J. A.
Representations of disability in the Canadian news media: a decade of change?
Devotta, Kimberly; Wilton, Robert; Yiannakoulias, Niko
Comparative biomechanical analysis of gait in patients with central cord and Brown-Séquard syndrome
Gil-Agudo, Angel; Pérez-Nombela, Soraya; Pérez-Rizo, Enrique; del Ama-Espinosa, Antonio; Crespo-Ruiz, Beatriz; Pons, José L.
Comparison of the Kurtkze Expanded Disability Status Scale and the Functional Independence Measure: measures of multiple sclerosis-related disability
Rabadi, Meheroz H.; Vincent, Andrea S.
A comprehensive psychometric evaluation of the UK FIM FAM
Turner-Stokes, Lynne; Siegert, Richard J.
The Figure of Eight Walk test: reliability and associations with stroke specific impairments
Wong, Sue S. T.; Yam, Man-Sze; Ng, Shamay S. M.
Your ideas about participation and environment: a new self-report instrument
Cheeseman, Danielle; Madden, Ros; Bundy, Anita
Validation and cross-cultural adaptation of the Persian version of Craig Handicap Assessment and Reporting Technique (CHART) short form
Golhasani-Keshtan, Farideh; Ebrahimzadeh, Mohammad Hossein; Fattahi, Asieh Sadat; Soltani-Moghaddas, Seyed Hossein; Omidi-kashani, Farzad
The influence of inspiratory muscle training on diaphragmatic mobility, pulmonary function and maximum respiratory pressures in morbidly obese individuals: a pilot study
Tenório, Luís Henrique Sarmento; Santos, Amilton Cruz; Camara Neto, José Bezerra; Amaral, Fernando José; Passos, Vívian Maria Moraes; Lima, Anna Myrna Jaguaribe; Brasileiro-Santos, Maria do Socorro
Rehabilitation in Practice
Enhanced clarity and holism: the outcome of implementing the ICF with an acute stroke multidisciplinary team in England
Tempest, Stephanie; Harries, Priscilla; Kilbride, Cherry; De Souza, Lorraine
Perspectives in Rehabilitation
Whose decision is it anyway? How clinicians support decision-making participation after acquired brain injury
Knox, Lucy; Douglas, Jacinta M.; Bigby, Christine
Education and Training
Evaluation of a pain curriculum for occupational therapists: experiences from a master’s-level graduate program over six years
Rochman, Deborah L.; Sheehan, Michael J.; Kulich, Ronald J.
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