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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2013. Número 35 (19)

Review Article
The effect of the environment on participation of children and youth with disabilities: a scoping review
Anaby, Dana; Hand, Carri; Bradley, Laura; DiRezze, Briano; Forhan, Mary; DiGiacomo, Anthony; Law, Mary
Research Papers
Factors associated with generalized anxiety in workers undergoing work rehabilitation for persistent musculoskeletal pain
Coutu, Marie-France; Durand, Marie-José; Marchand, André; Labrecque, Marie-Elise; Berbiche, Djamal; Cadieux, Geneviève
A fast-moving target in the Valpar assembly task improved unimanual and bimanual movements in patients with schizophrenia
Wang, Shu-Mei; Kuo, Li-Chieh; Ouyang, Wen-Chen; Hsu, Hsiao-Man; Ma, Hui-Ing
Professional tools and a personal touch – experiences of physical therapy of persons with migraine
Rutberg, Stina; Kostenius, Catrine; Öhrling, Kerstin
Factors promoting sustainable work in women with fibromyalgia
Palstam, Annie; Gard, Gunvor; Mannerkorpi, Kaisa
Stages of change in physical activity behavior in children and adolescents with cerebral palsy
Verschuren, Olaf; Wiart, Lesley; Ketelaar, Marjolijn
A cluster randomised controlled trial on the efficacy of client-centred occupational therapy in multiple sclerosis: good process, poor outcome
Eyssen, Isaline C. J. M.; Steultjens, Martijn P. M.; de Groot, Vincent; Steultjens, Esther M. J.; Knol, Dirk L.; Polman, Chris H.; Dekker, Joost
Effect of mirror therapy on hand function in patients with hand orthopaedic injuries: a randomized controlled trial
Rostami, Hamid Reza; Arefi, Ahmad; Tabatabaei, Saeed
Rehabilitation in Practice
Validity of Dementia Care Mapping on a neuro-rehabilitation ward: Q-methodology with staff and patients
Westbrook, Jenna L.; McIntosh, Catriona J.; Sheldrick, Russell; Surr, Claire; Hare, Dougal J.
Predictors of attendance and barriers to cataract surgery in Kenya, Bangladesh and the Philippines
Syed, Alishbah; Polack, Sarah; Eusebio, Cristina; Mathenge, Wanjiku; Wadud, Zakia; Mamunur, A. K. M.; Foster, Allen; Kuper, Hannah
Analyzing the ingredients of a telephone counseling intervention for traumatic brain injury
Hart, Tessa; Brockway, Jo Ann; Whyte, John; Bell, Kathleen R.; Neuberger, Shira; Chervoneva, Inna
Letter to the Editor
Nordic walking and its clinical benefits in different disorders
Kapoor, Shailendra
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