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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2013. Número 35 (16)

Review Articles
Identifying the evidence-base for art-based practices and their potential benefit for mental health recovery: A critical review
Van Lith, Theresa; Schofield, Margot J.; Fenner, Patricia
Third-party disability in family members of people with aphasia: a systematic review
Grawburg, Meghann; Howe, Tami; Worrall, Linda; Scarinci, Nerina
Research Papers
Ranges of active joint motion for the shoulder, elbow, and wrist in healthy adults
Aizawa, Junya; Masuda, Tadashi; Hyodo, Kashitaro; Jinno, Tetsuya; Yagishita, Kazuyoshi; Nakamaru, Koji; Koyama, Takayuki; Morita, Sadao
Higher pain sensitivity and lower muscle strength in postmenonpausal women with early rheumatoid arthritis compared with age-matched healthy women – a pilot study
Fridén, Cecilia; Thoors, Ulrika; Glenmark, Birgitta; Kosek, Eva; Nordmark, Birgitta; Lundberg, Ingrid E.; Opava, Christina H.
Shoulder function and active motion deficit in patients with rheumatoid arthritis
Slungaard, Bente; Mengshoel, Anne M.
Decreased disability is associated with improved perceived quality of life following spinal fusion
Pekkanen, Liisa; Neva, Marko; Kautiainen, Hannu; Vihtonen, Kimmo; Kyrölä, Kati; Marttinen, Ilkka; Wahlman, Marko; Häkkinen, Arja
Do patients with traumatic brain injury learn a route in the same way in real and virtual environments?
Sorita, Eric; N’Kaoua, Bernard; Larrue, Florian; Criquillon, Julie; Simion, Audrey; Sauzéon, Hélène; Joseph, Pierre-Alain; Mazaux, Jean-Michel
Client and carer experience of transition home from inpatient stroke rehabilitation
Gustafsson, Louise; Bootle, Kerryn
Driving performance in persons with mild to moderate symptoms of multiple sclerosis
Devos, Hannes; Brijs, Tom; Alders, Geert; Wets, Geert; Feys, Peter
Comparison of visual acuity charts identifying visual impairment among older people outside the eye clinic
Claesson, Lisbeth; Blomstrand, Johanna; Eklund, Kajsa; Eriksson, Kristina; Dahlin-Ivanoff, Synneve
Rehabilitation in Practice
Long-term functional outcome of patients with longitudinal radial deficiency: cross-sectional evaluation of function, activity and participation
Holtslag, Irene; van Wijk, Iris; Hartog, Hermien; van der Molen, Aebele Mink; van der Sluis, Corry
Education and Training
The development of the spinal cord injury participation and quality of life (PAR-QoL) tool-kit
Hitzig, Sander L.; Noreau, Luc; Balioussis, Christina; Routhier, François; Kairy, Dahlia; Craven, B. Catharine
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