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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2013. Número 35 (13)

Think before you measure
Madden, Rosamond H.; Llewellyn, Gwynnyth; Stucki, Gerold
Case Study
Reflective action assessment with a prospective clinical problem solving tool in the context of rehabilitation medicine: an illustrative case study
Kellett, David; Mpofu, Elias; Madden, Richard
Research Papers
Qualities of life design measures with chronic illness or disability
Mpofu, Elias
Case Study
Implementation of an ICF-based project/program in a pediatric neuro-rehabiltation hospital: follow-up evaluation by stakeholders
Martinuzzi, Andrea; Carraro, Elena; Petacchi, Elisa; Pasqualotti, Sabrina; Costalunga, Monica; Betto, Silvana
Research Papers
Counting disability: global and national estimation
Kostanjsek, Nenad; Good, Anne; Madden, Rosamond H.; Üstün, T. Bedirhan; Chatterji, Somnath; Mathers, Colin D.; Officer, Alana
Methods to improve international comparability of census and survey measures of disability
Madans, Jennifer H; Loeb, Mitchell
ICF and casemix models for healthcare funding: use of the WHO family of classifications to improve casemix
Madden, Richard; Marshall, Ric; Race, Susan
Case Study
Using the ICF to develop the capability-oriented database of persons with disabilities: a case study in Nakornpanom province, Thailand
Tongsiri, Sirinart; Riewpaiboon, Wachara
Research Papers
Developing applications of the ICF in education systems: addressing issues of knowledge creation, management and transfer
Hollenweger, Judith
Fundamental questions before recording or measuring functioning and disability
Madden, Ros; Fortune, Nicola; Cheeseman, Danielle; Mpofu, Elias; Bundy, Anita
Perspectives in Rehabilitation: Developing Robust Research Designs
Active LifestyLe Rehabilitation Interventions in aging Spinal Cord injury (ALLRISC): a multicentre research program
van der Woude, L. H. V.; de Groot, S.; Postema, K.; Bussmann, J. B. J.; Janssen, T. W. J.; Post, M. W. M.
Secondary health conditions in persons with a spinal cord injury for at least 10 years: design of a comprehensive long-term cross-sectional study
Adriaansen, Jacinthe J. E.; van Asbeck, Floris W. A.; Lindeman, Eline; van der Woude, Lucas H. V.; de Groot, Sonja; Post, Marcel W. M.
Randomized controlled trial of a self-management intervention in persons with spinal cord injury: design of the HABITS (Healthy Active Behavioural IntervenTion in SCI) study
Kooijmans, H.; Post, M. W. M.; van der Woude, L. H. V.; de Groot, S.; Stam, H. J.; Bussmann, J. B. J.
Design of a randomized-controlled trial on low-intensity aerobic wheelchair exercise for inactive persons with chronic spinal cord injury
van der Scheer, Jan W.; de Groot, Sonja; Postema, Klaas; Veeger, DirkJan H. E. J.; van der Woude, Lucas H. V.
The effects of hybrid cycle training in inactive people with long-term spinal cord injury: design of a multicenter randomized controlled trial
Bakkum, Arjan J. T.; de Groot, Sonja; van der Woude, Lucas H. V.; Janssen, Thomas W. J.
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