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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2013. Número 35 (11)

Research Papers
Are gait and mobility measures responsive to change following botulinum toxin injections in adults with lower limb spasticity?
Chan, Joyce; Winter, Adele; Palit, Mithu; Sturt, Rod; Graaff, Stephen de; Holland, Anne E.
Nordic walking for geriatric rehabilitation: a randomized pilot trial
Figueiredo, Sabrina; Finch, Lois; Mai, Jiali; Ahmed, Sara; Huang, Allen; Mayo, Nancy E.
A qualitative study of the childbearing experience of women living with multiple sclerosis
Kosmala-Anderson, Joanna; Wallace, Louise M.
Mid- to long-term factors influencing functional status of people affected by lower-limb amputation associated with hemiparesis due to stroke
Brunelli, Stefano; Fusco, Augusto; Iosa, Marco; Delussu, Anna Sofia; Paolucci, Stefano; Traballesi, Marco
The role of patient demographics and clinical presentation in predicting discharge placement after inpatient stroke rehabilitation: analysis of a large, US data base
Pohl, Patricia S.; Billinger, Sandra A.; Lentz, Angela; Gajewski, Byron
Decompressive hemicraniectomy following malignant middle cerebral artery infarctions: a mixed methods exploration of carer experience and level of burden
McKenna, A.; Wilson, F. C.; Caldwell, S.; Curran, D.; Nagaria, J.; Convery, F.; Storey, L.
Perspectives in Rehabilitation
Intensive physiotherapy for vegetative and minimally conscious state patients: a retrospective audit and analysis of therapy intervention
Wheatley-Smith, Laura; McGuinness, Siobhan; Colin Wilson, F.; Scott, Gareth; McCann, John; Caldwell, Sheena
Enhancing the conceptual clarity and utility of the international classification of functioning, disability & health: the potential of a new graphic representation
Ravenek, M. J.; Skarakis-Doyle, E.; Spaulding, S. J.; Jenkins, M. E.; Doyle, P. C.
Rehabilitation in Practice
Conceptualizing belonging
Mahar, Alyson L.; Cobigo, Virginie; Stuart, Heather
Interdisciplinary communication in inpatient rehabilitation facility: evidence of under-documentation of spatial neglect after stroke
Chen, Peii; McKenna, Cristin; Kutlik, Ann M.; Frisina, Pasquale G.
Case study
Self-efficacy and health status improve after a wellness program in persons with multiple sclerosis
Ng, Alexander; Kennedy, Patricia; Hutchinson, Brian; Ingram, Anna; Vondrell, Suzanne; Goodman, Terri; Miller, Deborah
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