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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2013. Número 35 (9)

The impact of rehabilitative services in the lives of adults and children with disabilities, in low-income and middle-income countries: an assessment of the quality of the evidence
Patel, Sneha; Alavi, Yasmene; Lindfield, Robert; Kuper, Hannah
Research Papers
Living with locked-in syndrome: an explorative study on health care situation, communication and quality of life
Snoeys, L.; Vanhoof, G.; Manders, E.
Did waiting times really decrease following a service reorganization? Results from a retrospective study in a pediatric rehabilitation program in Québec
Camden, Chantal; Swaine, Bonnie; Levasseur, Mélanie
Comparison of ActiGraph activity monitors in persons with multiple sclerosis and controls
Sandroff, Brian M.; Motl, Robert W.
Climbing towards recovery: investigating physically injured combat veterans’ psychosocial response to scaling Mt. Kilimanjaro
Burke, S. M.; Utley, A.
The International Classification of Functioning (ICF) Core Set for breast cancer from the perspective of women with the condition
Cooney, Marese; Galvin, Rose; Connolly, Elizabeth; Stokes, Emma
Problems in functioning after a mild traumatic brain injury within the ICF framework: the patient perspective using focus groups
Sveen, Unni; Ostensjo, Sigrid; Laxe, Sara; Soberg, Helene L
Perspectives in Rehabilitation
Role of comprehensive geriatric assessment in the management of osteoporotic hip fracture in the elderly: an overview
De Rui, Marina; Veronese, Nicola; Manzato, Enzo; Sergi, Giuseppe
Is Health Related Quality Of Life of people living with chronic conditions related to patient satisfaction with care?
Bamm, Elena L.; Rosenbaum, Peter; Wilkins, Seanne
Rehabilitation in Practice
The impact of mutual support on Iranian parents of children with an autism spectrum disorder: a longitudinal study
McConkey, Roy; Samadi, Sayyed Ali
A phenomenological approach to psychoprosthetics
Mills, Frederick B.
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