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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2013. Número 35 (6)

Predictors of multidisciplinary treatment outcome in fibromyalgia:a systematic review
Rooij, Aleid de; Roorda, Leo D.; Otten, René H.J.; van der Leeden, Marike; Dekker, Joost; Steultjens, Martijn P.M.
Research Papers
A randomized controlled trail of combination therapy of neuromuscular electrical stimulation and balloon dilatation in the treatment of radiation-induced dysphagia in nasopharyngeal carcinoma patients
Long, Yao-Bin; Wu, Xiao-Ping
Determinants of return to work among Nigerian stroke survivors
Peters, Grace O.; Buni, Samuel G.; Oyeyemi, Adetoyeje Y.; Hamzat, Talhatu K.
Function in job seekers with mental illness and drug and alcohol problems who access community based disability employment services
Matthews, Lynda R.; Harris, Lynne M.; Jaworski, Alison; Alam, Ashraful; Bozdag, Gokcen
Diagnostic status, functional status and complexity among Canadian children with neurodevelopmental disorders and disabilities: a population-based study
Miller, Anton R.; Mâsse, Louise C.; Shen, Jane; Schiariti, Veronica; Roxborough, Lori
The six-minute walk test in obese youth: reproducibility, validity, and prediction equation to assess aerobic power
Vanhelst, Jérémy; Fardy, Paul Stephen; Salleron, Julia; Béghin, Laurent
Mapping patients’ experiences after stroke onto a patient-focused intervention framework
Donnellan, C.; Martins, A.; Conlon, A.; Coughlan, T.; O’Neill, D.; Collins, D. R.
The activities and participation categories of the ICF Core Sets for multiple sclerosis from the patient perspective
Karhula, Maarit E.; Kanelisto, Katja J.; Ruutiainen, Juhani; Hämäläinen, Päivi I.; Salminen, Anna-Liisa
Work-ability assessment in young adults with disabilities applying for disability benefits
Holwerda, Anja; Groothoff, Johan W.; de Boer, Michiel R.; van der Klink, Jac J. L.; Brouwer, Sandra
Sequence memory skills in Spastic Bilateral Cerebral Palsy are age independent as in normally developing children
Gagliardi, Chiara; Tavano, Alessandro; Turconi, Anna Carla; Borgatti, Renato
‘Don’t you talk to your prosthetist?’ Communicational problems in the prescription of artificial limbs
Murray, Craig D.
Perspectives in Rehabilitation
Post-traumatic head injury pituitary dysfunction
Zaben, Malik; El Ghoul, Wessam; Belli, Antonio
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