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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2013. Número 35 (1)

Can cognitive behavioural therapy based strategies be integrated into physiotherapy for the prevention of chronic low back pain? A systematic review
Brunner, Emanuel; De Herdt, Amber; Minguet, Philippe; Baldew, Se-Sergio; Probst, Michel
Research Papers
“I am just thankful”: the experience of gratitude following traumatic spinal cord injury
Chun, Sanghee; Lee, Youngkhill
Workers with health problems: three perspectives on functioning at work
Abma, Femke I.; Bültmann, Ute; Varekamp, Inge; van der Klink, Jac J. L.
Foot placement patterns of female rollator users with multiple sclerosis in the community
Chee, Justin N.; Gage, William H.; McIlroy, William E.; Zabjek, Karl F.
“It’s a Hidden Issue”: Exploring the experiences of women with HIV-associated neurocognitive challenges using a disability framework
Gallagher, S.; Biro, S.; Creamer, E.; Della Rossa, E.; Collins, E.; Rourke, S.; Nixon, S.
The effectiveness of video prompting on teaching aquatic play skills for children with autism
Yanardag, Mehmet; Akmanoglu, Nurgul; Yilmaz, Ilker
“Effect of pranayama and meditation as an add-on therapy in rehabilitation of patients with Guillain-Barré syndrome—a randomized control pilot study”
Sendhilkumar, Ragupathy; Gupta, Anupam; Nagarathna, Raghuram; Taly, Arun B.
The bodily experience of apraxia in everyday activities: a phenomenological study
Arntzen, Cathrine; Elstad, Ingunn
Sexuality and occupational therapy in Ireland – a case of ambivalence?
Hyland, Annmarie; Mc Grath, Margaret
A qualitative exploration of the impact of a 12-week group exercise class for those moderately affected with multiple sclerosis
Learmonth, Y. C.; Marshall-McKenna, R.; Paul, L.; Mattison, P.; Miller, L.
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