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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2012. Número 34 (5)

Review Paper
Biopsychosocial predictors of prognosis in musculoskeletal disorders: a systematic review of the literature
Laisné, François; Lecomte, Conrad; Corbière, Marc
Research Papers
Forgiveness and health among people in outpatient physical therapy
Svalina, Suncica S.; Webb, Jon R.
Computer adaptive test performance in children with and without disabilities: prospective field study of the PEDI-CAT
Dumas, Helene M.; Fragala-Pinkham, Maria A.; Haley, Stephen M.; Ni, Pengsheng; Coster, Wendy; Kramer, Jessica M.; Kao, Ying-Chia; Moed, Richard; Ludlow, Larry H.
Three-dimensional shoulder complex kinematics in individuals with upper extremity impairment from chronic stroke
Rundquist, Peter J.; Dumit, Michelle; Hartley, Jeannie; &, Kendall Schultz
Exploring variables associated with change in cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) for anxiety following traumatic brain injury
Hsieh, Ming-Yun; Ponsford, Jennie; Wong, Dana; McKay, Adam
Determinants for lumbopelvic pain 6 months postpartum
Olsson, Christina B.; Nilsson-Wikmar, Lena; Grooten, Wilhelmus J.A.
Prediction of hand strength by hand injury severity scoring system in hand injured patients
Lin, Delmar C.Y.; Chang, Jer-Hao; Shieh, Shyh-Jou; Tsai, Feruth H.J.; Lee, Yungling Leo
ICF Core Set for vocational rehabilitation: results of an international consensus conference
Finger, Monika E.; Escorpizo, Reuben; Glässel, Andrea; Gmünder, Hans Peter; Lückenkemper, Miriam; Chan, Chetwyn; Fritz, Julie; Studer, Urban; Ekholm, Jan; Kostanjsek, Nenad; Stucki, Gerold; Cieza, Alarcos
Rehabilitation and Practice
Clinical pathways in head injury: improving the quality of care with early rehabilitation
Singh, Rajiv; Venkateshwara, Guruprasad; Kirkland, John; Batterley, Julie; Bruce, Sarah
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