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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2012. Número 34 (3)

Review Paper
Towards developing a guideline for vocational evaluation following traumatic brain injury: the qualitative synthesis of clients' perspectives
Stergiou-Kita, Mary; Rappolt, Susan; Dawson, Deirdre
Research Papers
The validity of the Addenbrooke's Cognitive Examination-Revised (ACE-R) in acute stroke
Morris, Katie; Hacker, Vicki; Lincoln, Nadina Berrice
The effect of supervised Tai Chi intervention compared to a physiotherapy program on fall-related clinical outcomes: a randomized clinical trial
Tousignant, Michel; Corriveau, Hélène; Roy, Pierre-Michel; Desrosiers, Johanne; Dubuc, Nicole; Hébert, Réjean; Tremblay-Boudreault, Valérie; Beaudoin, Audrée-Jeanne
The relationship between knee extension strength and lower extremity functions in nursing home residents with dementia
Suzuki, Makoto; Kirimoto, Hikari; Inamura, Atsushi; Yagi, Maiko; Omori, Yoshitsugu; Yamada, Sumio
Body weight supported treadmill training versus traditional training in patients dependent on walking assistance after stroke: a randomized controlled trial
Høyer, Ellen; Jahnsen, Reidun; Stanghelle, Johan Kvalvik; Strand, Liv Inger
Measuring technology self efficacy: reliability and construct validity of a modified computer self efficacy scale in a clinical rehabilitation setting
Laver, Kate; George, Stacey; Ratcliffe, Julie; Crotty, Maria
Skill development in an employment-training program for adolescents with disabilities
Lindsay, Sally; Adams, Tracey; McDougall, Carolyn; Sanford, Robyn
Development of the participation and environment measure for children and youth: conceptual basis
Coster, Wendy; Law, Mary; Bedell, Gary; Khetani, Mary; Cousins, Martha; Teplicky, Rachel
The need for support services for family carers of people with motor neurone disease (MND): views of current and former family caregivers a qualitative study
O'Brien, Mary R.; Whitehead, Bridget; Jack, Barbara A.; Mitchell, J. Douglas
Rehabilitation in Practice
Assessment of the therapeutic alliance in physical rehabilitation: a RASCH analysis
Hall, Amanda Marie; Ferreira, Manuela L.; Clemson, Lindy; Ferreira, Paulo; Latimer, Jane; Maher, Chris G.
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