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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2011. Número 34 (1)

Review Paper
International Organization of Physical Therapy in Mental Health consensus on physical activity within multidisciplinary rehabilitation programmes for minimising cardio-metabolic risk in patients with schizophrenia
Vancampfort, Davy; De Hert, Marc; Skjerven, Liv Helvik; Gyllensten, Amanda Lundvik; Parker, Anne; Mulders, Nathalie; Nyboe, Lene; Spencer, Felicity; Probst, Michel
Research Papers
Telerehabilitation using virtual reality task can improve balance in patients with stroke
Cikajlo, Imre; Rudolf, Marko; Goljar, Nika; Burger, Helena; Matjaccicc, Zlatko
Factors contributing to impaired self-awareness of cognitive functioning in an HIV positive and at-risk population
Juengst, Shannon; Skidmore, Elizabeth; Pramuka, Michael; McCue, Michael; Becker, James
Factors influencing healthy aging with multiple sclerosis: a qualitative study
Ploughman, Michelle; Austin, Mark W.; Murdoch, Michelle; Kearney, Anne; Fisk, John D.; Godwin, Marshall; Stefanelli, Mark
The prognostic roles of initial glucose level and functional outcomes in patients with ischemic stroke: difference between diabetic and nondiabetic patients
Hu, Gwo-Chi; Hsieh, Shiau-Fu; Chen, Yi-Min; Hu, Yu-Ning; Kang, Chia-Ling; Chien, Kuo-Liong
Effect of treatment environment on modified constraint-induced movement therapy results in children with spastic hemiplegic cerebral palsy: a randomized controlled trial
Rostami, Hamid Reza; Malamiri, R. Azizi
How well are you recovering?? The association between a simple question about recovery and patient reports of pain intensity and pain disability in whiplash-associated disorders
Carroll, Linda J.; Jones, David C.; Ozegovic, Dejan; Cassidy, J. David
Caregiver perceptions of accomplishment from assisting people with multiple sclerosis
Buchanan, Robert J.; Huang, Chunfeng
Enduring efficacy of Botulinum toxin type A injection for refractory anterior knee pain
Silbert, Benjamin I.; Singer, Barbara J.; Silbert, Peter L.; Gibbons, James T.; Singer, Kevin P.
Group intervention for siblings of children with disabilities: a pilot study in a clinical setting
Granat, Tina; Nordgren, Ingrid; Rein, George; Sonnander, Karin
Life satisfaction in people with spinal cord injury during the first five years after discharge from inpatient rehabilitation
van Leeuwen, Christel M.C.; Post, Marcel W.M.; van Asbeck, Floris W.A.; Bongers-Janssen, Helma M.H.; van der Woude, Lucas H.V.; de Groot, Sonja; Lindeman, Eline
Effect of orofacial exercises on oral aperture in adults with systemic sclerosis
Yuen, Hon K.; Marlow, Nicole M.; Reed, Susan G.; Mahoney, Samantha; Summerlin, Lisa M.; Leite, Renata; Slate, Elizabeth; Silver, Richard M.
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