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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2011. Número 33 (21 y 22)

Measuring elderly dysphagic patients' performance in eating - a review
Hansen, Tina; Kjaersgaard, Annette; Faber, Jens
Linking health and health-related information to the ICF: a systematic review of the literature from 2001 to 2008
Fayed, Nora; Cieza, Alarcos; Edmond Bickenbach, Jerome
Research Papers
Cognitive function and improvement of balance after stroke in elderly people: the Gothenburg Cognitive Stroke Study in the Elderly
Pahlman, Ulrika; Gutiérrez-pérez, Cristina; Sävborg, Marianne; Knopp, Elvi; Tarkowski, Elisabeth
Satisfaction rates amongst elderly amputees provided with a static prosthetic foot
Dudkiewicz, Israel; Pisarenko, Boris; Herman, Amir; Heim, Michael
Measurement properties of a modified Reintegration to Normal Living Index in a community-dwelling adult rehabilitation population
Miller, Alison; Clemson, Lindy; Lannin, Natasha
The social interaction of return to work explored from co-workers experiences
Tjulin, Asa; Maceachen, Ellen; Stiwne, Elinor Edvardsson; Ekberg, Kerstin
The influence of participation on health-related quality of life in stroke patients
Kwok, Timothy; Pan, Jun-Hao; Lo, Raymond; Song, Xinyuan
Community-based rehabilitation programme as a model for task-shifting
Dawad, Suraya; Jobson, Geoff
Implementation of constraint-induced movement therapy for youngchildren with unilateral cerebral palsy in Jordan: a home-based model
Al-Oraibi, Saleh; Eliasson, Ann-Christin
Reliability and the measurement of activity limitations (ADLs) for children with special health care needs (CSHCN) living in the community
Phillips, Charles D.; Patnaik, Ashweeta; Dyer, James A.; Naiser, Emily; Hawes, Catherine; Fournier, Constance J.; Elliott, Timothy R.
The effects of problem-solving skills training based on metacognitive principles for children with acquired brain injury attending mainstream schools: a controlled clinical trial
Chan, D. Y. K.; FONG, K. N. K.
Visuomotor imagery as a new tool in the rehabilitation of neglect: a randomised controlled study of feasibility and efficacy
Welfringer, Anouk; Leifert-Fiebach, Gundhild; Babinsky, Ralf; Brandt, Tobias
A comparison of the Screening Activity Limitation and Safety Awareness (SALSA) scale to objective hand function assessments
Melchior, Hanna; Velema, Johan
Is walking endurance associated with activity and participation late after stroke??
Danielsson, Anna; Willén, Carin; Sunnerhagen, Katharina S.
The effects of Kinesio® taping on sitting posture, functional independence and gross motor function in children with cerebral palsy
SSimssek, Tülay Tarsuslu; Türkücüogglu, Bahriye; Çokal, Nilay; Üstünbass, Gonca; SSimssek, IIbrahim Engin
A Brazilian experience to describe functioning and disability profiles provided by combined use of ICD and ICF in chronic stroke patients at home-care
Martins, Emerson F.; De Sousa, Pedro Henrique Cortês; De Araujo Barbosa, Paulo Henrique Ferreira; De Menezes, Lidiane Teles; Souza Costa, Abraão
Rasch analysis of the Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression scale used for the assessment of community-residing patients with stroke
Kim, Jung-Hee; Park, Eun-Young
Development of handwriting skill in children with unilateral cerebral palsy (CP)
Tükel Kavak, SSermin; Eliasson, Ann-Christin
Development of an item bank for a computerised adaptive test of upper-extremity function
Lehman, Leigh A.; Woodbury, Michelle; Shechtman, Orit; Wang, Ying-Chih; Pomeranz, Jamie; Gray, David B.; Velozo, Craig A.
Rehabilitation in Practice
The Caring-Disability Creation Process model: a new way of combining 'Care' in nursing and `Rehabilitation' for better quality of services and patient safety
St-Germain, Daphney; Boivin, Brigitte; Fougeyrollas, Patrick
Parental views from rural Cambodia on disability causation and change
Morgan, Fiona; Tan, B.-K.
Perspectives in Rehabilitation
Addressing existential disruption in traumatic spinal cord injury: a new approach to human temporality in inpatient rehabilitation
Papadimitriou, Christina; Stone, David A.
A case for the use of Q-methodology in disability research: lessons learned from a training workshop
Mckenzie, Judith; Braswell, Bob; Jelsma, Jennifer; Naidoo, Nirmala
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