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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2011. Número 33 (13 y 14)

Social participation of relatives post-stroke: the role of rehabilitation and related ethical issues
Pellerin, Caroline; Rochette, Annie; Racine, Eric pp 1055-1064
A review of the demographic, clinical and psychosocial correlates of perceived control in three chronic motor illnesses
Eccles, Fiona J. R.; Simpson, Jane pp 1065-1088
The Personal Factors of the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health in the literature -- a systematic review and content analysis
Geyh, Szilvia; Peter, Claudio; Müüller, Rachel; Bickenbach, Jerome E.; Kostanjsek, Nenad; ÜÜstüün, Bedirhan T.; Stucki, Gerold; Cieza, Alarcos pp 1089-1102
Research Papers
Correlation between single limb support phase and self-evaluation questionnaires in knee osteoarthritis populations
Debi, Ronen; Mor, Amit; Segal, Ganit; Segal, Ofer; Agar, Gabriel; Debbi, Eytan; Halperin, Nahum; Haim, Amir; Elbaz, Avi pp 1103-1109
Developing a tool for evaluating community-based rehabilitation in Uganda
Adeoye, Adewale; Seeley, Janet; Hartley, Sally pp 1110-1124
Working with youth in-care: implications for vocational rehabilitation practice
Buys, Nicholas; Tilbury, Clare; Creed, Peter; Crawford, Meegan pp 1125-1135
Reasearch Papers
Chronic disease self-management for individuals with stroke, multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injury
Hirsche, Robert C.; Williams, Beverly; Jones, Allyson; Manns, Patricia pp 1136-1146
Reasearch Papers
Is an expert diagnosis enough for assessment of sick leave for employees with musculoskeletal and mental disorders?
WååHlin-Norgren, Charlotte; Ekberg, Kerstin; ÖÖberg, Birgitta pp 1147-1156
Determinants of physicians' communication behaviour in disability assessments
Van Rijssen, H. Jolanda; Schellart, Antonius J. M.; Anema, Johannes R.; Van Der Beek, Allard J. pp 1157-1168
Communication impairment and activity limitation in stroke patients with severe aphasia
Darrigrand, Benedicte; Dutheil, Sabine; Michelet, Valerie; Rereau, Stephanie; Rousseaux, Marc; mazaux, Jean-Michel pp 1169-1178
Development, validity and reliability of a postal questionnaire assessing health states relevant to young persons with stroke in Sweden
Palmcrantz, Susanne Margareta; Holmqvist, Lotta Widéén; Sommerfeld, Disa Kathryn pp 1179-1185
Translation and validation of Chinese version of International Knee Documentation Committee Subjective Knee Form
Fu, Siu-Ngor; Chan, Yat-Hing pp 1186-1189
A long way to tipperary? Young people with complex health conditions living in residential aged care: a metaphorical map for understanding the call for change
Muenchberger, Heidi; Sunderland, Naomi; Kendall, Elizabeth; Quinn, Hayley pp 1190-1202
Comparing the experience of outpatient therapy in home and day hospital settings after traumatic brain injury: patient, significant other and therapist perspectives
Doig, Emmah; Fleming, Jennifer; Cornwell, Petrea; Kuipers, Pim pp 1203-1214
Factors associated with quality of life and caregiver strain amongst frail older adults referred to a community rehabilitation service: implications for service delivery
Comans, Tracy A.; Currin, Michelle L.; Brauer, Sandra G.; Haines, Terry P. pp 1215-1221
A small group aerobic exercise programme that reduces body weight is feasible in adults with severe chronic schizophrenia: a pilot study
Dodd, Karen J.; Duffy, Sean; Stewart, Jan A.; Impey, Jennifer; Taylor, Nicholas pp 1222-1229
Identifying child functioning from an ICF-CY perspective: Everyday life situations explored in measures of participation
Adolfsson, Margareta; Malmqvist, Johan; Pless, Mia; Granuld, Mats pp 1230-1244
Relationship between the margin of manoeuvre and the return to work after a long-term absence due to a musculoskeletal disorder: an exploratory study
Durand, Marie-Joséé; Véézina, Nicole; Baril, Raymond; Loisel, Patrick; Richard, Marie-Christine; Ngomo, Suzy pp 1245-1252
Disentangling the effects of disability and age on health service utilisation
McColl, Mary Ann; Shortt, Sam; Gignac, Monique; Lam, Miu pp 1253-1261
Thoughts and feelings of future working life as a predictor of return to work: a combined qualitative and quantitative study of sick-listed persons with musculoskeletal disorders
Lydell, Marie; Hildingh, Cathrine; Måånsson, Jöörgen; Marklund, Bertil; Grahn, Birgitta pp 1262-1271
Rehabilitation and Practice
Multidisciplinary cognitive behavioural pain management programmes for people with a spinal cord injury: design and implementation
Perry, K. Nicholson; Nicholas, Michael K.; Middleton, James pp 1272-1280
Perspectives in Rehabilitation
Assessing the impact of musculoskeletal health conditions using the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health
Kostanjsek, Nenad; Escorpizo, Reuben; Boonen, Annelies; Walsh, Nicolas E.; ÜÜstüün, T. Bedirhan; Stucki, Gerold pp 1281-1297
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