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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2011. Número 33 (12)

Research Papers
Holistic group rehabilitation -- a short cut to adaptation to the new life after mild acquired brain injury
Nilsson, Charlotte; Bartfai, Aniko; Lööfgren, Monika pp 969-978
Mobility and access to transport issues as experienced by people with vision impairment living in urban and rural Ireland
Gallagher, Blááithíín A. M.; Hart, Patricia M.; O'Brien, Colm; Stevenson, Michael R.; Jackson, Andrew J. pp 979-988
A source of strength and empowerment? An exploration of the influence of disabled children on the lives of their mothers in Karachi, Pakistan
Yousafzai, Aisha Khizar; Farrukh, Zia; Khan, Kausar pp 989-998
Adolescents' perceptions of obesity treatment -- an interview study
Morinder, Gunilla; Biguet, Gabriele; Mattsson, Eva; Marcus, Claude; Larsson, Ulla Evers pp 999-1009
DVD-based stories of people with developmental disabilities as resources for inter-professional education
Iacono, Teresa; Lewis, Belinda; Tracy, Jane; Hicks, Sally; Morgan, Prue; Réécochéé, Katrina; McDonald, Rachael pp 1010-1021
Experiences of attendance at a neuromuscular centre: perceptions of adults with neuromuscular disorders
Hartley, Sandra Elaine; Goodwin, Peter Charles; Goldbart, Juliet pp 1022-1032
Understanding physical factors associated with participation in community ambulation following stroke
Robinson, Cynthia A.; Shumway-Cook, Anne; Matsuda, Patricia Noritake; Ciol, Marcia A. pp 1033-1042
Exploring the facilitators and barriers to engagement in physical activity for people with multiple sclerosis
Kayes, Nicola M.; McPherson, Kathryn M.; Schluter, Philip; Taylor, Denise; Leete, Marta; Kolt, Gregory S. pp 1043-1053
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