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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2011. Número 33 (11)

A systematic literature review of quality of life in lower limb amputees
Sinha, Richa; Van Den Heuvel, Wim J. A. pp 883-899
Research Papers
Changes in falls risk factors for geriatric diagnostic groups across inpatient, outpatient and domiciliary rehabilitation settings
Morrison, Greg; Lee, Huang-Ling; Kuys, Suzanne S.; Clarke, Jane; Bew, Paul; Haines, Terry P. pp 900-907
Counting the invisible: understanding the lives of young people with disabilities in Pakistan
Singal, Nidhi; Bhatti, Feyza; Malik, Rabea pp 908-921
Employment experiences among adolescents and young adults with cystic fibrosis
Demars, Nathan; Uluer, Ahmet; Sawicki, Gregory S. pp 922-926
Agreement between parents and clinicians for the motor functional classification systems of children with cerebral palsy
Mutlu, Akmer; Kara, Ozgun Kaya; Gunel, Mintaze Kerem; Karahan, Sevilay; Livanelioglu, Ayse pp 927-932
Dual tasking and stuttering: from the laboratory to the clinic
Metten, Christine; Bosshardt, Hans-Georg; Jones, Mark; Eisenhuth, John; Block, Susan; Carey, Brenda; O'brian, Sue; Packman, Ann; Onslow, Mark; Menzies, Ross pp 933-944
Correlations between pain and function in a longitudinal low back pain cohort
McGorry, Raymond W.; Shaw, William S.; Lin, Jia-Hua pp 945-952
Adaptive functioning in children in the first six months after surgery for brain tumours
Vago, Chiara; Bulgheroni, Sara; Usilla, Arianna; Biassoni, Veronica; Serra, Annalisa; Gentile, Simonetta; Ajovalasit, Daniela; Leonardi, Matilde; Massimino, Maura; Fidani, Paola; Riva, Daria pp 953-960
Perspectives in Rehabilitation
Partners towards autonomy: risky choices and relational autonomy in rehabilitation care
Hunt, Matthew R.; Ells, Carolyn pp 961-967
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