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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2008. Número 30 (26)

Research Papers

Cross-cultural adaptation of the Brazilian-Portuguese version of the Cumberland Ankle Instability Tool (CAIT)
Marcos de Noronha; Kathryn M. Refshauge; Sharon L. Kilbreath; Vitor G. Figueiredo pp 1959-1965

Exercise on prescription schemes for stroke patients post-discharge from physiotherapy
Rose Wiles; Sara Demain; Judy Robison; Jo Kileff; Caroline Ellis-Hill; Kath McPherson pp 1966-1975

Factors associated with retirement-related job lock in older workers with recent occupational injury
Katy L. Benjamin; Glenn Pransky; Judith A. Savageau pp 1976-1983
Rehabilitation in Practice

On becoming a practitioner-researcher in remote northern Australia: Personal commitment and resources compensate for structural deterrents to research
Anne Cusick; Natasha Lannin pp 1984-1998
Case Study

Cognitive level and adaptive behaviour in the Klippel-Trenaunay-Weber Syndrome. An example of the potentials of an early intervention model applied to a complex pathology
Giorgio Albertini; Paolo Onorati; Francesca de Pandis; Emanuela Giulitti; Letizia Sabrina Cartagena Calcari; Marco Saragrave pp 1999-2000

Effects of synthetic speech output in the learning of graphic symbols of varied iconicity
Rajinder K Koul and Ralf W Schlosser pp 1278-1285
Evaluating a computer system used as a microswitch for word utterances of persons with multiple disabilities
GE Lancioni, NN Singh, MF O'Reilly, J Sigafoos, D Oliva, G Montironi pp 1286-1290
Enabling a person with multiple disabilities and minimal motor behaviour to control environmental stimulation with chin movements
GE Lancioni, MF O'Reilly, J Sigafoos, NN Singh, D Oliva, G Basili pp 1291-1294
Effects of phonemic awareness instruction on the encoding skills of children with severe speech impairment
DM Blischak, SD Shah, LJ Lombardino, K Chiarella pp 1295-1304
AAC and literacy
OE Hetzroni pp 1305-1312
Parent-child interaction: a comparison of parents' perceptions in three groups
J Wilder, C Axelsson, M Granlund pp 1313-1322
Research directions in augmentative and alternative communication for preschool children
RA Sevcik, MA Romski, LB Adamson pp 1323-1329
Transferring AAC intervention to the home
J Sigafoos, MF O'Reilly, S Seely-York, J Weru, SH Son, VA Green, GE Lancioni pp 1330-1334
Acquisition of graphic communication by a young girl without comprehension of spoken language
S von Tetzchner, KD Øvreeide, KK Jørgensen, BM Ormhaug, B Oxholm, R Warme pp 1335-1346
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