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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2011. Número 33 (2)

Can progressive resistance strength training reduce physical disability in older adults? A meta-analysis study
Liu, Chiung-Ju; Latham, Nancy pp 87-97
Research papers
Post-acute stroke patient outcomes in Ontario, Canada complex continuing care settings
Tourangeau, Ann E.; Squires, Mae E.; Wodchis, Walter; Mcgilton, Katherine; Teare, Gary; Widger, Kimberley A.pp 98-104
Joint contractures in the intensive care unit: association with resource utilization and ambulatory status at discharge
Clavet, Heidi; Hébert, Paul C.; Fergusson, Dean A.; Doucette, Steve; Trudel, Guy pp 105-112
Health-related quality of life among informal caregivers assisting people with multiple sclerosis
Buchanan, R.; Huang, C. pp 122-129
Predicting outcome after stroke: the role of aphasia
Gialanella, Bernardo; Bertolinelli, Maurizio; Lissi, Marianna; Prometti, Paola pp 122-129
The International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) in vocational rehabilitation and disability assessment in Slovenia: state of law and users' perspective
Ptyushkin, Pavel; Vidmar, Gaj; Burger, Helena; Marincek, Crt; Escorpizo, Reuben pp 130-136
Exploring the meaning of early contact in return-to-work from workplace actors' perspective
Tjulin, Åsa; Maceachen, Ellen; Ekberg, Kerstin pp 137-145
Factors influencinq postural management for children with cerebral palsy in the special school setting
Maher, Carol A.; Evans, Kerry A.; Sprod, Judy A.; Bostock, Sue M. pp 146-158
Rehabilitation in Practice
Gardening with Huntington's disease clients-creating a programme of winter activities
Spring, Josephine Anne; Baker, Mark; Dauya, Loreane; Ewemade, Ivie; Marsh, Nicola; Patel, Prina; Scott, Adrienne; Stoy, Nicholas; Turner, Hannah; Viera, Marc; Will, Diana pp 159-164
Community-based rehabilitation and health professional practice: developmental opportunities and challenges in the global North and South
Lang, Raymond pp 165-173
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