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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2011. Número 33 (1)

Research Papers
Perceived social support and depression among Veterans with multiple sclerosis
Bambara, Jennifer K.; Turner, Aaron P.; Williams, Rhonda M.; Haselkorn, Jodie K. pp 1-8
Is the International Physical Activity Questionnaire-Short Form (IPAQ-SF) valid for assessing physical activity in chronic fatique syndrome?
Meeus, Mira; Van Eupen, Inge; Willems, Joke; Kos, Daphne; Nijs, Jo. pp 9-16
Navigating a way forward: using focused ethnography and community readiness to study disability issues in Ladakh, India
McElroy, Theresa A.; Davis, Alexis; Hunt, Cynthia; Dadul, Jigmet; Stanba, Tsering; Larson, Charles pp 17-27
Access of children with cerebral palsy to the physical, social and attitudinal environment they need: a cross-sectional European study
Colver, Allan F.; Dickinson, Heather O.; Parkinson, Kathryn; Arnaud, Catherine; Beckung, Eva; Fauconnier, Jérôme; Marcelli, Marco; Mcmanus, Vicki; Michelsen, Susan I.; Parkes, Jackie; Thyen, Ute pp 28-35
Quantifying the physical, social and attitudinal environment of children with cerebral palsy
Dickinson, Heather O.; Colver, Allan pp 36-50
Working with families of persons with aphasia: a survey of Swedish speech and language pathologists
Johansson, Monica B.; Carlsson, Marianne; Sonnander, Karin pp 51-62
Participation of the elderly after vision loss
Alma, Manna A.; van der Mei, Sijrike F.; Melis-Dankers, Bart J.M.; van Tilburg, Theo G.; Groothoff, Johan W.; Suurmeijer, Theo P.B.M. pp 63-72
Enabling a survey of primary care to measure the health care experiences of adults with disabilities
Palsbo, Susan E.; Hurtado, Margarita P.; Levine, Roger E.; Barrett, Kirsten A.; Mastal, Margaret F. pp 73-85
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