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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2010. Número 32 (25)

Comparison of rehabilitation outcomes in day hospital and home settings for people with acquired brain injury - a systematic review
Doig, Emmah; Fleming, Jennifer; Kuipers, Pim; Cornwell, Petrea L. pp 2061-2077
Research Papers
Cervical EMG profile differences between patients of neck pain and control
Kumar, Shrawan; Prasad, Narasimha pp 2078-2087
Predicting functional outcomes in patients suffering from ischaemic stroke using initial admission variables and physiological data: a comparison between tree model and multivariate regression analysis
Li, Chin-ching; Chen, Yi-min; Tsay, Shiow-luan; Hu, Gwo-chi; Lin, Kuan-chia pp 2088-2096
An observation-based intervention for stroke rehabilitation: experiences of eight individuals affected by stroke
Ewan, Louise M.; Kinmond, Kathryn; Holmes, Paul S. pp 2097-2016
Effects of a rehabilitation programme on daily functioning, participation, health-related quality of life, anxiety and depression in liver transplant recipients
Van Ginneken, B.T.J.; Van Den Berg-emons, H.J.G.; Metselaar, H.J.; Tilanus, H.W.; Kazemier, G.; Stam, H.J. pp 2107-2112
Clock drawing and rehabilitation outcome in hip fracture patients
Hershkovitz, A.; Jacubovski, O.S.; Alima Bot, M.; Oshry, V.; Brill, S. pp 2113-2117
The mediating role of self-efficacy expectations and fear of movement and (re)injury beliefs in two samples of acute pain
Söderlund, Anne; Åsenlöf, Pernilla pp 2118-2126
Investigating the internal validity of the Trunk Impairment Scale (TIS) using Rasch analysis: the TIS 2.0
Verheyden, Geert; Kersten, Paula pp 2127-2137
Perspectives in Rehabilitation
Dignity, rights and capabilities in clinical rehabilitation
Siegert, Richard J.; Ward, Tony pp 2138-2146
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