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Servicio de Información sobre Discapacidad
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Disability and rehabilitation

Año 2010. Número 32 (20)

Research Papers

Employment maintenance and the factors that impact it after vocational rehabilitation and return to work
Amanda E. Young pp 1621-1632

Development and initial validation of the Children Participation Questionnaire (CPQ)
Limor Rosenberg, Tal Jarus, Orit Bart pp 1633-1644
Musculoskeletal pain and treatment choice: an exploration of illness perceptions and choices of conventional or complementary therapies
Melanie Brown, Sarah Dean, E. JEAN C. Hay-Smith, William Taylor, G. David Baxter pp 1645-1657
Relationship between quality of life and functional status of young adults and adults with cerebral palsy
Tülay Tarsuslu, Ayse Livanelioglu pp 1658-1665

Musculo-skeletal pain, quality of life and depression in mothers of children with cerebral palsy
Kurtulus Kaya, Sibel Unsal-Delialioglu, N. Kutay Ordu-Gokkaya, Zuhal Ozisler, Nilgun Ergun, Sumru Ozel, Halil Ucan pp 1666-1672

The psychosocial well-being of parents of children with cerebral palsy: a comparison study
Anna Cheshire, Julie H. Barlow, Lesley A. Powell pp 1673-1677

An investigation into the social participation of stroke survivors with aphasia
Ruth J.P. Dalemans, Luc P. De Witte, Anna J.H.M. Beurskens, Wim J.A. Van Den Heuvel, Derick T. Wade pp 1678-1685

Team-based rehabilitation improves long-term aerobic capacity and health-related quality of life in patients with chronic inflammatory arthritis
Sofia Hagel, Elisabet Lindqvist, Ann Bremander, Ingemar F. Petersson pp 1686-1696

Pathways of change experienced by people aging with disability: a focus group study
Kathryn M. Yorkston, Kara A. McMullan, Ivan Molton, Mark P. Jensen pp 1697-1704
Case Study

Improvement of gait in a stroke patient. A 7-year longitudinal study
Laurent Bensoussan, Alvina Mathelin, Jean-Michel Viton, Herve Collado, Alain Delarque pp 1705-1711
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